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I'm doing the early S8 rewatch for 'research' (cue derisive laughter) purposes. AND HOLY SHIT, SHOULDN'T IT GET . . . NOT SO GOOD AT SOME POINT?

I can't even deal with how good Kiefer and Annie are. Sure, all the subplots suck and President Pompadour's hair is ten miles high and his entire family have different accents even though they're all supposed to be from Fakestan BUT I DON'T CARE.

Jack can't even TALK on the comm at the end of 8x05, because he's so spazzed that Renee wants Vlad to shoot her. GUH.

In other news, I am 100% thinking about buying 50 Shades of Grey just so I can speak about it with authority.

In other other news, I really should watch The Avengers, if only to pretend I'm one of the cool kids.

In other other other news, I'm still compiling a fic playlist and always open for recs:)

Happy Mother's Day!

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Tags: 24, random, renee fucking walker, season 8, the internet is for porn, yes i have problems with jack!lust
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