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I'm just popping in for the first time since humans invented fire to say that I actually put up a post on dreamwidth, which you can find here if you're interested: https://leigh57.dreamwidth.org/177866.html

I have no clue who's even here anymore or what's going on, and maybe nobody uses dreamwidth at all anyway, but I feel more comfy putting stuff over there. Okay, good talk! I hope everyone is having an awesome start to the new year and that pretty much everyone is warmer than we are here:)
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I thought I should include an entry to indicate that most of the stuff in my journal is friends-locked and explain a little bit about that. Fic and some fannish stuff is the exception. A couple thoughts on why you may or may not want to friend me:

Things I love:
My kids. My family. My friends.
Insane liberals
Kiefer Sutherland and almost everything about 24 until the end of 8x17;)
Books, words, and ideas
Writing fanfic
Irony and sarcasm
Laughing at idiocy
Intelligent, respectful debate
Learning about anything and everything I'll never have the opportunity to experience myself

Things I hate:
Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and everyone like them. No, seriously. If you fangirl Ann Coulter, we are probably not a good LJ matchup.
Republicans who want to sink Obama's legislation just to watch him fail

I may edit this as I think of others. If you'd like me to friend you, comment on this entry. Because my locked journal contains a mix of fannish and RL musings, I don't tend to friend people unless I've already interacted with them on LJ.

FO banner of excellence by dealan311. You ROCK, Kay:)
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Nope, don't even know. At all.

Holy shit, I just looked at the date and the last time I posted on LJ was December 1st. At least that's what my calendar says. Damn. RL has eaten me, apparently. Or something? Anyway, hi! And in the interest of semi-brevity:

Collapse )

How goes the move, marinw? What's up with the rest of you? Talk to me about your feelings regarding this clusterfuck of a 24 reunion! Yvonne Strahovski what what? *headdesk*
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Doomsday: aka, the TWD mid-season finale is upon us.

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Hey guys! I'm opening up a new LJ post so that anyone and everyone can run over whenever they want and have a lovely troll-free place to talk about their mid-season finale thoughts. How you use this space is up to you. Comment on your nerves going into the ep. Comment during the ep. Comment after the ep! Whatever you want to do. It's unlikely that I'll be able to respond to everything personally, because omg RL craziness, but I want you guys to be able to talk, so if you comment anonymously, I'll be sure to unscreen everything as quickly as possible.

Just a couple things:

1. No assholes allowed, obviously. If your post is obnoxious, it will be deleted. And yes, this is a dictatorship. I decide what's obnoxious. That's why it's my effing el jay:)

2. THIS IS NOT A SPOILER FREE ZONE!!! Nobody should feel required to tag spoilers. So don't read anything if you're worried about that, okay?

Get ready, guys. Because it's probably going to be awful:)

p.s. Please feel free to respond to anyone in the comments below. As long as everybody plays nice, a free-for-all is the most fun!
TWD Norman licking Mel

It's the TWD mid-season finale discussion free for all!

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This will be a pretty unorthodox post for my regular LJ friends, so apologies in advance for this brief hijacking of one spot on your friends page.

But! This is a safe space for Carol, Daryl, and/or Caryl lovers on tumblr to come and discuss their thinky thoughts, midseason predictions, total spazz attacks, and general squee without any risk of certain haters (ahem, you know who you are) hijacking anything.

If you don't have an LJ account, NO PROBLEM. Just identify yourself with your tumblr name at the beginning of the comment and all will be well. I have to unscreen these comments, but that's nothing more than the click of a button.

SO BRING IT ON. Discussion of any kind. Well, save that asshattery will be summarily deleted;) Don't say you weren't warned:P

p.s. If you have a specific topic you'd like to focus on, absolutely leave it in the subject line of your comment!
Annie Warface

Things that make you go UGH.

But first, omg you guys, this exists:

 photo AnniebeingsocreepyonCastle_zps1d857073.gif

And it's already made my day better, ahahahaha. I'm such a fangirl.

ANYWAY. No seriously that's basically all I had to say. But I also wanted to ask a question, because I'm still flailing around in the throes (not throws, although that would almost work, too) of being abused by TWD.

What's the angriest you've ever gotten over something fictional?

I'm just curious:) Have a great Monday, you guys!
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Oy, my BRAIN.

Holy crap, how is it November 14th? Rhetorical question, but srsly that is madness. ANYWAY. I'm popping in to say hi because I haven't posted forever. I've fallen down the rabbit hole into the terrible horrible no good very bad truly awful abyss that is everything currently happening on The Walking Dead. Remember that time I promised myself I'd never get this involved in a storyline or love a character this much again? THAT WAS A GOOD TIME. And okay okay, I am still never going to love anyone as much as I love Renee, but Carol comes pretty close, and the last few weeks of being a tv consumer have sucked hardcore.

This entire experience has really made me wonder what it must be like to watch tv like a normal person -- to just turn it on, let it wash over you, turn it off, and leave. I don't know how people DO it. When I watch a character I love being destroyed, I have absolutely no idea how to let that go. I realize that the normal person response is something like, "Well, it's just tv," but see a thing is? It's not just tv. It's tv representing the horrible sexism the world is bathed in and I just . . . hate it.


1. I have an amazing new coat. No seriously, putting it on is like having a shoulder-to-knee hug.
2. It's been like 17 degrees for the past two nights:)
3. Right now I am totally not listening to "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" by Sarah McLachlan and the Barenaked Ladies except that I totally am.
4. wrisomifu is going so well that I actually wrote another TWD fic.

So what's going on with you guys? How's life?
Hermione complaining

Fic crap, Halloween, blah blah blah.

So, I'm still having to devote portions of my day to curling into a ball and rocking back and forth over Sunday's TWD, BUT WE WILL SEE. I have at least managed, for the most part, to surrender the fantasy that I'm going to have any clue what's going on anytime soon, so there is that. Also, for better or for worse (probably for worse, because it is TWD), Melissa McBride is getting craptons of screentime and press at this point. This makes me happy BECAUSE SHE IS BRILLIANT. And not 23. And brilliant.

Also, I joined wrisomifu! Thanks for the heads up, kcountess. I have no idea whether I'll pull it off, but I figure that damn, trying to write for ten minutes per day would be really good for me. So we'll see.

Before Sunday's TWD clusterfuck hit, adrenalin211 wrote this fic and I wrote this fic. Hers is good, mine is porn, whatever. Sounds about standard;)

Happy Halloween, you guys! (Can't wait to deal with trick or treating in the pouring rain.) What's up?