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Jack/Renee blue
I'm driving myself batshit out of my mind with my inability to get writing. So tonight when the kids go to bed, I'm pouring a glass of wine and going for it -- trying to shake something loose. Therefore, if you are so inclined, give me the following (idea shamelessly stolen from lowriseflare):

pairing/character; location; song lyric (preferably pretty short)

It's gotta be 24 because I need to keep my mind there. I'll do however many come in before 9 p.m., up to five (I'm trying to be remotely realistic for a change). And this time, hand to god, they will be super short comment fic. I have no choice.

eta: So it's 9:11 and I think I have seven. CLOSED! You guys are so awesome. *crosses fingers that I am indeed capable of writing fic under a thousand words*

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Jack/Renee [Not Without]

A/N: Well J, you said you liked canon . . . . And this is what happens when I make the mistake of watching part of 8x18. Now I need to go to a happy place so much it hurts:(


Jack, you know I have to call this in. The Air Force will force you down. This is a bad idea. Land the chopper now.

He heard her, every word sharp, urgent, and clear. He knew what she wanted him to do, what everybody wanted him to do, but it was like listening to the radio or watching TV.

Fictional instructions from a fictional universe.

Reality was the lift he felt in his body as the helicopter rose, the disjunction between the soaring of his bones and organs and the plummeting inside his mind – pulling, dragging, sucking.


He was so tired.

You okay?


He looked at his hands on the chopper controls. Her blood was caked under his fingernails.

Already dry.


Just over an hour ago, he’d been standing by his kitchen counter, pouring water into two matching glasses, grinning to himself because she couldn’t let his phone ring even when he told her to. He’d planned to pound his own water, try to be patient while she drank hers, and get back into bed. His plan hadn’t gone a lot further than that, because all he’d wanted was to touch her again, put his face into her neck and breathe, feel her smile on his skin, soak in the softness of her voice as she whispered so close to his ear it made him shiver.


He’d never hated the sound of his own name the way he hated it now, echoes and reverberations he couldn’t shut out or escape.

Do you understand, Jack?

He understood.

He understood perfectly. His mistake had been in thinking anything could change, that he could get out, get away, get free.


He saw her, bare feet peeking out from under the ivory sheet, smiling up at him in the morning sunshine. He felt her hand on his scars, the first time anyone had touched them with the intent to heal.

Didn’t matter.

Driving the chopper higher, he stared into the same sun that had heated her back as she kissed him, and he knew he was going to lose.

This didn’t end any other way.

Still, before the loss came the fight.

And they were going to lose first.

Re: Jack/Renee [Not Without]

I... can't get over the vividness of this. :( :( Seriously, like I was saying earlier though... you totally went there. Which.. is depressing as fuck, but you can tell. AUGH. Jack, how much do I wish I could help make your life less horrifying?

Reality was the lift he felt in his body as the helicopter rose, the disjunction between the soaring of his bones and organs and the plummeting inside his mind -- such a heartbreakingly perfect comparison.

Really well written.

Happy times yet?

Re: Jack/Renee [Not Without]

Um, sorry? I start watching and then I go there without meaning to. This is why S8 will always be the ultimate clusterfuck for me. AUGH JACK. I hate that every single thing about his life has to suck and he's not allowed to have anything. Except probably a trophy girlfriend in the movie. She'll probably die, too. Woe!

Thanks bb, for all the encouragement on getting these done. I'm thinking on at least happier times as I do domestic crap and try to figure out what I want to do for the last three. Oh! And I need to edit the long one. I almost forgot that. LOL.

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Re: Jack/Renee [Not Without]

Amusingly enough, I don't enjoy writing stories like this at all. Sometimes I'm not sure where they come from, but when I get an idea stuck in my head, lots of times it's not leaving until I write, so there you have it.

I was trying to mix up female voices in his head -- no clue if that worked or not, but that was the idea! Anyway, apparently you like dark stuff! Not that there's anything wrong with that -- 24 has abundant dark, especially if you stick to canon. I can't usually stay there for an extended period of time, but it feels real to go there every now and then. Thank you!

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Re: Jack/Renee [Not Without]

No no! The taxi icon just seemed to fit with the theme of the discussion. I don't use it often because I truly loathe even looking at it.

I hear you on the fluff though. I live in a constant state of being of two minds about it. One says that canonically, Jack's life is required to suck, forever and ever world without end. The other says that honestly, if he were given the chance, he's the world's most loving awesome person (we get to see glimpses) and I want to read about/write about this side of him. So it's rough. But sometimes I just need them to be happy. That's the truth. See icon:)

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Re: Jack/Renee [Not Without]

I have actually never seen the entirety of 8x18 or any ep post 8x17. I watched parts of it to write this. I saw the beginning actually once and cried so much that I couldn't even deal with myself. So I won't be doing that again. Sometimes I try to write something that's still in canon though, just to prove that I still can. I guess?

And I'm with you on spending most of my time pretending they never happened. So much ugh. Thank you so much for the comment!

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