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Jack/Renee blue
I'm driving myself batshit out of my mind with my inability to get writing. So tonight when the kids go to bed, I'm pouring a glass of wine and going for it -- trying to shake something loose. Therefore, if you are so inclined, give me the following (idea shamelessly stolen from lowriseflare):

pairing/character; location; song lyric (preferably pretty short)

It's gotta be 24 because I need to keep my mind there. I'll do however many come in before 9 p.m., up to five (I'm trying to be remotely realistic for a change). And this time, hand to god, they will be super short comment fic. I have no choice.

eta: So it's 9:11 and I think I have seven. CLOSED! You guys are so awesome. *crosses fingers that I am indeed capable of writing fic under a thousand words*

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Jack/Renee [Still Like the Sun]

The thud from the bathtub is muffled, a tiny vibration, but Jack bolts from the couch (book tossed on the floor) and runs down the hall. The adrenaline jolt propels him forward and accelerates his heart to the point of instant sharp discomfort. He twists the knob (grateful that she didn’t lock it) and pushes the door open. He’s out of breath, though he only took about fifteen steps.

“You okay? I heard something fall.” He stops. She’s looking up at him, puzzled, water dripping from her hair down the sides of her face. Most of her body is covered in blue-tinted bubbles. The air smells like berries.

“I’m fine.” She raises an eyebrow. “I dropped the shampoo.”

A mass of suds slips down, baring one of her shoulders, and Jack glances away so quickly that silver spots linger in the air for a second, leaving behind a tugging nausea that isn’t improved by the pulse he can feel in his head.

His face burns. “I’m sorry. I thought-” He swallows. “Forget it. I’ll leave you alone.”


“Yeah?” He stops, concentrating fiercely on the shower head several feet above her.

“You’ve seen me wearing a lot less than bubbles.” He can hear the amusement floating in her voice.

Only once, and look what happened then. “I know. That doesn’t mean I should-” He still can’t look at her, so he reads the print on the green-tinted bottle of amber liquid sitting on the shelf. Revitalizing Conditioner For Fine Hair. There’s a drawing of a plant at the bottom.

“Should what?”

“I can’t break down the door every time I hear a noise.”

“You won’t.” Water splashes the edge of the tub as she sits up to put a bottle back on the shelf. “Hey. Will you sit down and talk to me for a second?”


“Yeah, now.”

He finally lets himself look at her. She’s flushed pink from the heat of the water that sends fog drifting through the room. Her eyes are warm, questioning but still mischievous, and Jack stands there, curious if this will ever stop blindsiding him.

She’s here. She didn’t die. She’s reclined in his bathtub, a burgundy washcloth covering her knees.

“Jack. Talk to me.”

Relaxing his shoulders, he walks over and leans against the wall next to the tub, sliding down until he’s sitting as close to her as the cold porcelain against his arm will allow. His heart has started to slow down, but sitting feels a lot better than standing. “I have nightmares about the sound of your body hitting the floor,” he says. Each word he gets out seems like bench-pressing twenty more pounds than you can really handle.

“I know. I have nightmares about trying to call you, or losing consciousness in the taxi and never waking up.” Renee pulls a wet arm out of the water and reaches for his hand. Her fingers are hot. He squeezes until he can feel her pulse, slower and steadier than his. The adrenaline is leaving as rapidly as it arrived; he’s shaky and tired now.

“Maybe we should both stop pretending to be asleep,” she says, and her mouth tilts up at the edges.

“I will if you will,” he manages, hoarse.


“You don’t want me to leave?”

“No. Unless you want to.”

“I don’t.” He closes his eyes and holds her hand (probably too tight, but she doesn’t say anything), listening to the water ripple as she breathes.

Re: Jack/Renee [Still Like the Sun]


The way his adrenaline spikes, the way he's sprinting to the bathroom, panicking, the way she's like, huh, what?, but she understands. The way he's all out of breath and SO grateful she's okay and then he's immediately all awkward because she's there in the bathtub all nekkid and hot and he totally didn't mean to barge in but he's all discombobulated and full of fear and now full of embarrassment and OH JACK BB!

My favorite part of this is Renee being totally understanding and like all talk to me, bb. It's okay.

I love her quip about having seen her in less than bubbles, and I love how he's like... yeah, but. OMG THIS IS JUST SO AWESOME IT MAKES ME SMILE SO HUGELY

“I have nightmares about the sound of your body hitting the floor,” he says. Each word he gets out seems like bench-pressing twenty more pounds than you can really handle.-- Oh God. This is ... so great. You need to write them forever because you get them RIGHT and you so smoothly capture all of the intricacies and subtitles of their relationship. AUGH. Kills me dead.

Love this! Thank you! :)

Re: Jack/Renee [Still Like the Sun]

Note to Jack/Renee: Save water. Shower with a friend.

This was sweet, in an angsty, PTST way.

Re: Jack/Renee [Still Like the Sun]

Oh don't worry. In the happy AU in my head they shower together lots:-P

Trying to write them without angst is almost impossible, I swear. I'm such a sucker for H/C with them though, it's pathetic. I hope you got your work done and are feeling at least a little bit better!

Re: Jack/Renee [Still Like the Sun]

Still have a teensy bit of fever, but at least I;m done with my cards, which took FOREVER.Thanks!

Re: Jack/Renee [Still Like the Sun]

Aw, sigh. It's not perfect! I have to get perfect for the AU! *is stressed*

But in any case, I'm glad you like it. We all know I have some endless ridiculous kink for them being all intimate and either in bed or half naked or naked or all of them above. So there you go -- more of the same.

Mostly, I just want to make Jack feel better. Really. In any case, I'm so glad you find this AC, because I honestly think that had Renee lived, Jack would have so much trouble trying not to be so psycho overprotective that he drives both himself and Renee out of their minds. Or something.

Thanks for all the encouragement dude. Seriously -- I appreciate it so much.

Re: Jack/Renee [Still Like the Sun]

Augh, I did it again! Sorry for the email spam.

My favourite part:

She’s here. She didn’t die.

Loved Jack freaking out and her being so calm and bubbly. Not like that.

Re: Jack/Renee [Still Like the Sun]

Sorry for the email spam.

No worries! I know the nesting can get so confusing.

Loved Jack freaking out and her being so calm and bubbly.

In my personal canon, although of course they live happily ever after, Jack has permanent PTSD because of her getting shot. I mean really, that was ridiculous if you think about it too much, which I try not to very often:(

These short fics are so much fun, because I don't take them too seriously. Quality probably suffers, but the lack of writer's block is refreshing. Speaking of fic! I totally read your Jack/Audrey and loved it, and comments are coming. Someday I need to master the art of doing four things at once. That would be grand.

Re: Jack/Renee [Still Like the Sun]

Oh holy shit. I'm having a...less than perfect last couple days, so this is PERFECT in making me grin like an idiot and putting me in a slightly better mood. It also succesfully keeps me from doing my reading for class, but heh.

So here's me doing my normal obnoxious thing where I quote my fav parts:

The air smells like berries.
Why, oh WHY does this simple description of the way the effing air SMELLS get to me?! Really though. I love this so much.

She’s reclined in his bathtub, a burgundy washcloth covering her knees.
Can I ask why you chose the color burgandy? Is it a little reference to the color of blood? Either way...AWESOME description, once again.

“I have nightmares about the sound of your body hitting the floor,” he says.
Oh GOD, eff me. This gives me chills and makes me ill and holy bananas, I still miss her.

Yeah. So good. I love this a lot. I LOVE how apparent it is that Jack loves her so freaking much.

Re: Jack/Renee [Still Like the Sun]

Dude! It's not obnoxious in the least when you quote your favorite parts. I always want to know what works and what doesn't, so thank you for taking the time to pick out specific lines that resonate with you. I'm a complete writing geek.

Hmm. Why did I choose burgundy? I don't know! I like it? My hair is almost that color now? It wasn't mean to signify blood, at least in my head, although I suppose that works. In the end, I can never leave a detail alone if I can make it more specific. That's probably the best answer.

I LOVE how apparent it is that Jack loves her so freaking much.

Well. He just DOES. Hee.

God I miss her. I keep thinking I'll stop, but it just . . . doesn't happen. So I'm just going to write her alive a lot and see if that helps. So far it helps a little. Huge AU is up right after these final ficlets. *crosses fingers*

Thank you so much for your amazing comments. They made me so smiley tonight!

(Deleted comment)

Re: Jack/Renee [Still Like the Sun]

I am literally tearing up at this. I love them.

AUGH I LOVE THEM. Someday I'm gonna stop. Or not. Mostly I'm going to annoy everybody by writing them until the end of time because I can't get over it.

In any case, I guess I'm glad I could make you feel Jack's pain, although I don't enjoy making people sad. In my happy AU world, no matter how bad it is, they have each other, so that makes me feel better. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment -- I appreciate it SO much, especially when sometimes I feel as if nobody even remembers them anymore:)

Re: Jack/Renee [Still Like the Sun]

I went to your master list and decided to reread everything I don't explicitly remember.

This was the first one that caught my eye and I am so glad I came to reread.

I can see this so perfectly. Thank you for making my evening better for the like..two thousandth time.

Re: Jack/Renee [Still Like the Sun]

You are too adorbs, the end.

And you also know that one of my epic kinks is the way he can't figure out how not to be a spazz attack of worry every single minute of every single day. So yeah, I'm pretty sure that's where this came from. I want him to jump in the tub and bone me senseless sit by the tub with me every day.

Yep. <333

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