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Jack/Renee blue
I'm driving myself batshit out of my mind with my inability to get writing. So tonight when the kids go to bed, I'm pouring a glass of wine and going for it -- trying to shake something loose. Therefore, if you are so inclined, give me the following (idea shamelessly stolen from lowriseflare):

pairing/character; location; song lyric (preferably pretty short)

It's gotta be 24 because I need to keep my mind there. I'll do however many come in before 9 p.m., up to five (I'm trying to be remotely realistic for a change). And this time, hand to god, they will be super short comment fic. I have no choice.

eta: So it's 9:11 and I think I have seven. CLOSED! You guys are so awesome. *crosses fingers that I am indeed capable of writing fic under a thousand words*

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Ethan/Allison [Ask Me Why]

She couldn’t adjust to the silence.

It wasn’t the absence of sound. From where she sat on the king-sized bed, a flannel-covered pillow (plain heather grey – that’s what she got sending Ethan to Bed Bath & Beyond by himself) behind her back, she could hear the hum of the dryer (occasionally punctuated with rattling when a button hit the metal), the insistent smack of raindrops bombarding the window, the intermittent drip from the kitchen as the Keurig brewed her a single cup of hot chocolate, and the barely audible voices from the television she left on CNN almost around the clock.

So there was noise, but noise that made nothing happen. After years of living in an artificially accelerated world, having time to notice the whirr of the dryer and the fizzing of the coffeemaker was . . . anticlimactic.

Everyone had always waited for her; now it was her turn to wait.

Irritated, she muted the TV (she’d seen the headlines six or seven times this evening) and picked up her book. A Midsummer Night’s Dream -- she remembered enjoying it in college. Tonight, even Shakespearean banter couldn’t distract her.

She pushed away the down comforter and went to get her hot chocolate.



She opened her eyes. Ethan was sitting on the edge of the bed, his fingers chilly as he wrapped them around hers.

“I guess you took me seriously when I told you not to wait up.” He grinned, but his face was ashy and exhausted.

“I was reading!” she exclaimed.

“I see. You found Hermia and Lysander that gripping?” He loosened his tie.

You had better watch it, or you’ll be sleeping on the couch.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” He leaned forward and kissed her, tossing her that smile that momentarily erased forty years of nights like these. “You should try one of the Nelson DeMille books I unpacked yesterday.”

“The man is a reactionary idiot. I can’t believe you read him!” She squeezed his hand. “How did the meeting go? Did McCabe back down when Pete showed him the new figures?”

“Completely. You were right about letting the data speak for itself.” Ethan walked to the closet, talking over his shoulder as he hung up his jacket. “We’re meeting tomorrow night to work out a proposal.”

“Did you get any new intel from Syria?” The final syllable hadn’t even left her mouth before she wished that words were like that measuring tape Henry used to keep in the top drawer of his desk – retractable with the push of a button.

“Allison, I can’t-”

“I know. I know.” She rubbed the edge of her blue satin pajamas between her fingers. “I’m sorry. I still . . . forget. Sometimes.”

“I don’t.” He pulled on a t-shirt that said NAVY in large blue block letters. Pulling back the covers, he slid into bed but stopped short of touching her. He always knew when she wasn’t finished speaking, even if she didn’t.

“Do they-” She played with the sheet, trying to figure out how to phrase her question. “Treat you differently, now that . . . “

“I live with you?” he finished for her.

“You live with me,” she echoed.

“Yes. Little things.” He shook his head. “It’ll stop within a week. You think any of these people have an attention span long enough to sustain interest in this?”

“Has the press asked you about it?” She looked up at the TV. The headlines were running again. It was strange to watch them on one small screen instead of five large ones.

“Yes. When I bore them with ‘No comment’ long enough, they’ll forget about it, too. Why are you this concerned all of the sudden when it’s after midnight and we’re both exhausted? We had this conversation a minimum of twenty-five times before we decided.”

She fell silent. The dryer must have been finished, because she couldn’t hear the buttons anymore.



“It’s worth it. Ask me why.”

She laughed – it was game they’d played for years, though not on a personal level until recently.


He reached out and pulled her toward him, tugging until her head landed on his chest. “Because I’m exactly where I want to be.”

Re: Ethan/Allison [Ask Me Why]

I am kissing you. With tongue. Like a romance novel.

*snatches* This fic is mine. I am keeping it, and I am petting it, and I am going to snuggle it every night before I go to bed and read it every morning right after I get up, every day, for the rest of existence. And it is mine! No one else can have it! It's all miiiiiiiine!!!!

Because I'm exactly where I want to be.

What does it say about me, that it's that line that made my heart do handsprings?

I am in this... coma of happiness right now. I can't even tell you. I am going to stay up and reread this, over and over and over, while I swoon.

Excuse me while I find an appropriate icon. Or make one.

*checks* yep, wrong fandom, but the sentiment is exactly what I want to express.

Re: Ethan/Allison [Ask Me Why]

Aw, I'm so glad you like it! I know I didn't have them doing the naked pretzel, but . . . I did what I could! And if this put you in a coma of happiness, then my work here is done:)

Oh man -- I didn't have an icon either! I don't even have an Allison one. I just . . . have Jack and Renee. Or Mulder and Scully, but that seems wrong too!

I'm so happy the fic made you happy!

Re: Ethan/Allison [Ask Me Why]

See, the intriguing thing? I don't know if I want a fic about them doing the naked pretzel. It's kind of like Picard and Crusher, in a way - they're too dignified for that. It's too private for anyone to witness. (Unlike Miss Barbara Lynne, who has yet to shut up about the various ways she wants to have sex with Lynley. I have no intention of writing most of these, as she has been lusting after him for the better part of a decade and therefore has a lot of fantasies and tension stored up. Poor girl's sex life sucked before she got with him. And he's almost as bad, after the number of times he almost lost her through no fault of his own. Honest to God, guys, give me a break! I'm single, stop torturing me!)

No, your fic was perfect on a level I never knew a fic could be perfect before. It was just... beautiful, everything I wanted to see, everything I needed to see, tasteful and perfect and so very, very them I could cry with it.

Re: Ethan/Allison [Ask Me Why]

They kind of are too dignified, aren't they? It's odd -- I didn't ship them in S7 but I totally did in S8. In S7 I was more all with this idea of how it was a big OT3 with them and Henry. Oh show, why you gotta screw all the characters? But Ethan's so awesome. I just love him.

Anyway! Yay that it was what you wanted. That's mostly what I'm trying to do with these prompts, which is why some of them are likely to wind up sugar inducing for anyone brave enough to read;)

Re: Ethan/Allison [Ask Me Why]

Pah. Let 'em get diabetes. I don't care. I've got my happy ending. *cuddles*

See, I never really liked Henry. I mean, I liked him because she loved him, but that was the beginning and the end of it, you know? I was always an Ethanberry fangirl. I'm not going to lie, I did a cheer when I found out she was divorced. That was, of course, before the season went to hell.

And Ethan is never not awesome, and he and Allison have an epic love that will sustain me. It is awesomesauce.

(Now seriously, will Those Two please stop it? I am lonely and single, and they are not helping!)

Edited at 2010-10-15 03:24 am (UTC)

Re: Ethan/Allison [Ask Me Why]

You Ethanberry shipper, you!

I love all this cozy in bed fic that seems to be your specialty.

Re: Ethan/Allison [Ask Me Why]

You Ethanberry shipper, you!

Ahahahahahaha. Yeah that's the best laugh I've had all day;)

But I try to give people at least a little of what they want in prompt responses, so there you go. I'm glad it felt cozy to you. I'm not sure Allison really deserves cozy, but I'm gonna hope that her sudden turnaround there at the end was heartfelt. Oh silly writers.

Thank you!

Re: Ethan/Allison [Ask Me Why]

Awwww. They're so cute!

Alison has a thing with appliances, doesn't she?

Re: Ethan/Allison [Ask Me Why]

It's so weird for me to write them, because I love Ethan but I have such mixed up feelings about Allison. But hey! I tried.

LOL about the appliances. I didn't even think of that. I have issues with trying to use all sense in fic. I probably overdo it. Thanks for reading!

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