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Icon spam!!!
Jack/Renee blue
I decided that since icon making seems to be my hobby for the moment (when I'm too brain dead to write fic), I'd stick these up here on the off chance that anybody wants to steal them. I figure I'm at least safe in saying that I've created the most Jack/Renee icons of anyone ever. All of which is to say that these are ALL of Kiefer, Annie, Jack, and/or Renee. A substantial number are from 8x17. Haters to the left, dude.

Credit for the text in icon #88 goes to dealan311.

Comments are lovely but not expected, but please credit if you take.


The rest are under the cut.


















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Just dropped by for the pretty. Anything worth doing is worth doing well...and often. ;)

I love YOUR icon. You have so many awesome MASH ones now! I honestly love only a few of these with grand passion, but I'm slowly getting better. It's weirdly addictive after a while, don't you think?

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Aw, I'm glad you like them! I'm such a perfectionist that I only truly love maybe five of them, but they're so much fun to make that I can't stop!

Wow, that is a LOT of 8 x 17! Which is not a bad thing, at all.

Ugh, 86. *cries*

Where is 37 from? I keep meaning to ask you. I don't remember that scene.

Wow, that is a LOT of 8 x 17! Which is not a bad thing, at all.

Wait what? What are you suggesting? I'm obsessed with Jack and Renee nookie? I have no idea what you're talking about:-P

37 is from a Sky1 promo (I think it's British?). You know. Back when it seemed as if Renee would be BAMFy and uh, not die a ridiculous death by sniper?

Those were good times:)

p.s. Your icon always cracks me the fuck UP. I need to reload it now that I have space.

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(Deleted comment)
all of them are great.

Thanks! I'm glad you like them:)

I love 27.
What is going on in 70? is that a tape measure?

Oh, thank you! Yeah 70 is I think them being goofy about hitting their mark. And yes, it is a tape measure:)

These are so pretty! I might actually take 37, just because I like how badass it is.

(Word count: 11290. I HAVE SO MUCH REWRITING TO DO, GOD. You and A can expect a whiny email later about plot and structure and theme and about how my BFA left me COMPLETELY UNPREPARED to do what I am trying to do. Ok good talk.)

Do you watch Life? Am I supposed to know this? Hmmmm. I do not watch, but I've heard pretty excellent reviews.

37 is funny because it was never even on the show (I wish -- sigh). Just a cap from a British promo they made back when we all thought season eight wasn't going to suck like a Hoover windtunnel:(

You GO girl! How many words do you have to have, approximately? And you know we're here to listen to whiny emails anytime. Seriously. We're so your cheer squad. Woot!

Saved a few - thank you! ;)

You're welcome! I'm kinda addicted to making them:)

Dang you have a lot of 24 icons. LOL. I keep having to rotate my icons. I have too many fandoms.

Also, am playing catch up. I finally have a working computer (Gabe's busted one died/I stopped using it after I zapped my finger trying to turn it off). Granted it's Mom's old one, has no CD drive, and I had to go all the way to Manila to get it, but YAY! I owe you a super long email.

Uh, on the off chance that the sheer number of 8x17 icons I have made isn't enough, confession: this is but a microcosm of the 24 icons I have. These are only the ones *I* made that I consider at least half decent enough to put up here. There are at least as many that did NOT fall into that category, and that doesn't even count all the amazing 24 icons I have from infinitely superior icon creators such as yourself. But see, I have no other fandoms, so I figure fuck the world if I want to see Jack and Renee on my screen all the time. Despite the show's utter fucking fail with regard to Renee, I still love her. Woe.

I'm so glad you finally have a working computer, but wtf is going on with your mac? Oy. I'm sorry it's all such a pain in the ass. I look forward to the life update when you get around to it though!

ZOMG so much gorgeousness in one post I can't even. Your icons are so amazing- I love them all so much and just keep on staring at the pretty while missing Renee so hardcore. #26 kills me of adorable, and GUH to Jack's arms in #57. I need to upload those two right nao. :)

Oh, thank you! When I put these up I was kinda sitting here giggling, because while I knew I had made a lot, I was all, "Uh wow. I made a lot of icons of 8x17." *is hugest shippiest dork of life*

26 is so AUGH AUGH AUGH for me, because I love it so much but AUGH. Meh. But yum yum to Jack's arms. I need to find those promo photos and make a few more of those:) & hearts


HOMG they're all gorgeous!!! You win for making so many. I love seeing them all together like this. *stares and then stares some more* :)

<3 <3 <3

Hehe! I don't think I win for having 438920348061543620854620467 icons from 8x17, but. . . . .

Augh it makes me meepy to see them all together because I'm not cool like you and yet to succeed in hating the show. Woe! Thank you:) <3<3<3

Lol, you are just too funny! And these are great.
It seems like you've got more Renee-centric icons than Jack ones, but I could be wrong...? And mostly S8.

Love these:
77, 80, 37 - they make me wanna be BAMF like Renee
49 & 15 - I just...she captures these dark feelings so well
87/88 - damn, I love this promo photo, I KICK myself for not buying the TVGuide issue that contained it!!
8x17 - uh, enough said?
57 - oooohhh... ::stares off into space, three minutes go by::
50 - hilarious, my friend. Hilarious.
36 - just, perfect
17 - fuck, I wish I had Jack Bauer to comfort me after I flip out and have a psychotic meltdown. SHIT.
18 - aw! ::melts:: Protective!Jack. I love it.
21 - I'm jealous of her face
19 - just, cute. Simple. Un-damaged & un-burdened, almost.

And one that I don't:
55 - it's not your fault, but the close-ups of Renee in the post-psychotic crying scene make me feel depressed & angry. Oh well!

Anyway, great stuff! Thanks for sharing! :)

Oh, thank you! The reason that most of these are S8 is that I didn't figure out how to make even slightly decent icons until recently. I was attempting to make them throughout S7, but for a variety of reasons (one of which was having a crappy program) they always sucked hardcore.

I'm now in the process of (when I have time) going back to cap stuff I want from S7 and make icons out of those pictures. But it will be a while before I have as many S7 icons as I have S8, especially since like half of these are from 8x17. *snerks at self*

I love BAMFy Renee, too, and you're right that a lot of these are Renee-centric. She broke my heart this season, but the hating on her broke my heart even more, because as far as I'm concerned, Annie did the most amazing job EVER with complete shit for material. The large number of Renee icons are part of my Renee defense. As I go back and make more, many of Jack will appear, as I cap his hot arms from every angle known to man:) And I'm jealous of her face, too -- believe me. She's gorgeous.

No offense taken at all on 55 -- I understand where you're coming from. That's back to the part where I think Annie worked shit material like a mofo, so I still love it. But then again, I'm probably the hardest core Renee lover ever, so you know. Pretty much nothing she does pisses me off. I just get pissed at the stupid writers. Meh.

I'm so glad you like them!

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I wanna steal ALL of these. Except then it would take me a minute every time I had to decide which to use! Hee.

I have like half of these saved up on my HD but with my measly 15 spaces, I can never decide. It seems silly to get a paid account just because of icons, when I don't even post entries. Hmmmmmm. But yet I see all of yours and I get so jealous.

Anyway. I'm gonna shower, which doesn't related to anything, really, but I figured you should know. Now that it's 2:19. FAIL!
*uses one of my favs you've ever made*

Hey will you email me the ones you made last night? kthnxbb.

LOL. I totally got a paid account because I couldn't deal with the icon space and not being able to edit comments, but you don't waste a tenth as much time here as I do, so I think your choice is a good one:) Clearly I make too many. I'm fucking with two of them now when I should be cleaning my desk. Fail!

Aw, I do love that one! Look it's another one I just made for you. You'll say it's too light;) &hearts

I was looking for Jack/Renee icons when I found this post. I really love these.

I'm so glad you like them! Clearly I'm a little obsessed, but oh well:)

EARGH dear heart: stop exploding

so very lovely!!

Thank you! I kinda can't stop making them. It's an addiction.

These are awesome! Saving several now, mem'ing the post for later. :)

OMG your icon. Love love love:)

Anyway, thanks! And feel free to start laughing, but on the off chance (given that I have no clue what you're into) you were planning to steal #26, the better version is the one I used here. I'm such a freak about icons now. I'm always all, "No no no! I need to make it better." /insanity

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