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I think I need a day planner.
Scully Wine Time
CT was kind of like some terrible reality show (possibly about New Jersey) but more about that later. For now, a meme.

Stolen (as almost always, it seems) from lowriseflare:

Hit me with a fandom/character/pairing and I'll list my three most unpopular opinions about it. (Point being, I don't guarantee they'll be unpopular. Just that they'll be opinions. I say this only because often I have no idea what the popular opinion is.)

You guys, I am not too proud to beg. Talk to me and give me fannish stuff to think about while I try to do the approximately 12 thousand things I should be doing to organize life. You can tell me your opinions, too! And I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

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Renee Walker!

Know what I'm doing right now, to avoid editing? Organizing and backing up ALL MY WRITING SINCE THE HISTORY OF EVER. Talk about tedious.On the bright side, I found some sweet Hanson RPF that I thought was lost and gone forever.

(Also, do you have time to read something this weekend? It's not fic. Truthfully, I don't know what the fuck it is.)

Meanwhile, I'm glad you got back from CT okay, and obviously would love to hear all the gory details. We spent the 4th drinking cocktails at a beach house like the most Cheever-esque of WASPs,

Ahahahaha. Renee. *flails* She definitely falls into the category of "I don't know what the unpopular opinion is." Whatever. But here are three opinions, in any case:

1. She's the coolest female law enforcement officer (trying to think of a blanket statement there) ever, and she wins mucho bonus points for having hair a real FBI agent (or cop) could actually have and for wearing sensible shoes.
2. Her "waffling" on torture at the beginning of S7 IS NOT WEAKNESS. She's an effing FBI agent who's trying to do her job.
3. Anyone who thinks she's a woobie in S8 has clearly never met Jack.

I do have time to read something this weekend, but promise you'll tell me if there is a specific time deadline you need me to meet, because my brain is even more sieve-like than usual at the moment.

Hanson RPF yay! Oh man, that's amazing. It's like my Silk Stalkings fanfic.

I will attempt to put together an email of gory details, promise. Mostly it was just like, wow, there are actually people in the world who live an existence that never takes money into consideration. ODD. I did paddleboard though, which made me feel hip and skilled. Okay it totally didn't make me feel either of those things, but the paddleboarding part is true!

Laura Roslin. :)

Fannish thing to think about: What Renee would do when she noticed, while doing laundry, that Jack has been carrying around her picture in his pocket.


Oh man srsly. What are the unpopular opinions about her? LOL. Well, three opinions of some sort you get.

1. Any and all of the horrible things she did/allowed to be done to Gaius Baltar were beyond justified. It was justified. There are no other times.
2. It was always super funny to watch her with Lee Adama, because frak, the dude never figured out exactly how far out of his league he was every last time she spoke. She's a better person than I am for not flat decking his smug ass.
3. I'm not even sure how to phrase this one, because I'm not exactly Captain Articulate of the Spaceship Poetry today. But I adore the way she demonstrated in almost every episode that being fucking badass and being feminine were not incompatible. And that you don't have to carry a weapon or even threaten violence in order to be badass. She is just SO BADASS. I mean everybody thinks Starbuck's the tough chick on that show, but I swear in the end, I'd put money on Roslin in that battle.

As for the fannish thing . . . gah. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?

Meh, I'm sorry CT was like a terrible reality show D: *hugs* I'm so glad you're back home now and away from all of that.

Feelings on seasons 1-7 of XF!

I am just . . . soaking in all the relative quiet! (I mean, ahahaha. The kids are not always quiet, but in comparison . . .)

Wow, like WHAT? All my feelings on Seasons 1-7? Bwahahahaha. That would be something like a 12 volume series. But I'll give you three feelings off the top of my head.

1. I'm not sure there's ever been a show in which the actual "sex" (as in, not to put too fine a point on it, the whole penis entering the vagina thing) was almost irrelevant to a ship. I have some issues with Chris Carter (nothing in comparison to my HoGo issues!), but I can't get over how well he handled that. On any other show, it would have been with the previews for ten million years, like, "Finally, the moment fans have been waiting for." And then there would have been some crazy scene with lots of nudity and/or weird editing, resulting in approximately two million tumblr .gifs. Not for XF though! It just . . . happened. And the show went on. It wasn't a "very special episode." BECAUSE THEY WERE ALREADY ENTIRELY TOGETHER. Ahem. Wow, apparently I had more feelings on that particular subject than I thought.
2. David Duchovny really cannot act. His chemistry with Gillian is off the charts and he's way decent at playing a slight variation on himself. But he always left the heavy lifting to Gillian, and for that I'm inevitably grateful. (See Redux II, in which he tries to cry and I try not to laugh.)
3. Every other remotely romantic show since XF has tried to recreate what Mulder and Scully do with nonverbal communication in every single episode.

Winona Hawkins!

Hey, man, I'm predictable like the quadratic formula, okay.

I am sorry to hear that the holiday went pear-shaped, but I'm glad you survived. <333

Oh lulz, nothing went pear-shaped. It was pretty much what I predicted, only sort of on crack? Seriously sometimes life is awesome just for the stories you come away with, and this was one of those times.

Winona! I'm not sure anything I'm about to say counts as an unpopular opinion, because truly I have no idea what the fandom thinks of her. But:

1. She become immediately more interesting to me when she left Raylan.
2. She knows a lot more about Raylan than he knows about himself.
3. I don't think she's wrong to wish that Raylan would choose a different life. I realize it would make a different show and all and that's not the story they're telling, but I don't think that makes her a lame character. Raylan makes crappy choices, man! Seriously crappy choices. He looks good making 'em though;)

Chloe O'Brian.

I look forward to reading about your family drama.

Edited at 2012-07-06 08:58 pm (UTC)

Oh noez, you asked about Chloe! I haven't gone into this much since the great debacle of S8, but I probably have a whole lot of unpopular fandom opinions about Chloe. I'll keep them tame here;)

1. She wasn't the most interesting woman ever to be on 24.
2. She was entirely NOT an acceptable emotional cookie for Jack's epic manpain at the end of the series. I didn't find that ending satisfying even a little, and despite my rep, the reasons for that go way beyond Renee.
3. She's devoted to Jack in a way that he's not to her, which ultimately makes their friendship unbalanced in a way I find uncomfortable. I really do love them in a lot of ways, but of course they have to make everything beyond nuts in S8. Bleah!

Hee, family drama. It was really extended family drama and the rest of us trying to live through the fallout. So happy to be back in my own humble space.

Glad you're back. Suck that it was weird, but yay, paddleboarding!

I'm waiting for Mr. Tiger to finish a meeting and then we're heading out to the cabin again. We came in Tuesday night for meetings on Wednesday, and stayed for the Stampede Parade this morning. It was pretty fun.

I think all of the fandom questions have been covered. Except, maybe, if Raylan's mother had lived, would he have become a criminal like his daddy, or still a lawman?

Oh, it wasn't weird really as much as just SO not our normal framework. If I have the energy at some point, I'll try to compose an entry that hits the highlights. Lowlights? Hmmmmm. But yeah, yay paddleboarding! I'm honestly glad I tried it because now I know that actually, it would be somewhat difficult on the ocean, and that way I can save 40 bucks or whatever when we go to DE.

Stampede Parade? That sounds awesome! I'm so glad you're getting to spend so much time at the cabin. The temps here are currently such that being outdoors is mostly unbearable. I think a slight dip is coming, so I will cross my fingers.

Raylan and his daddy! I'm still so . . . annoyed by the whole issue with his stance on the baby. Or at least what his stance on the baby was when I peaced out on the entire show not even halfway through S3. But huh. I somehow can't really picture Raylan making a good criminal. I figure if Boyd Crowder couldn't talk him over to the dark side after all these years, pretty much nothing is going to change Raylan's mind. I really do wish the show gave more of a backstory on his mom, because they use that a lot in vague ways, and it's intriguing as hell, don't you think?

Due to both of our resurgence of Harry Potter feelings lately, Harry Potter! XD

Oh man do I have some probably super unpopular HP opinions. I'll put down three, and the second I do, I'll think of 12 more. But as with THG, I feel the need to say that any nitpicking about Rowling starts out as ridiculous to me. When I can write seven giant books with hundreds of characters who have speaking parts and a mythology the size of Jupiter, then I have the right to talk. So, with that preface, possibly unpopular opinions:

1. James Potter was a fucking git douchebag, and I have no idea why Lily ever liked or married him or why Lupin and Sirius were always his best pals.
2. Hermione is undoubtedly the most complex, fascinating character of the central friendship triumvirate. Yes, the story is named after Harry, but from the beginning, Hermione is the emotional glue of the entire series.
3. No idea whether this is unpopular or not, but Rowling's decision to announce that Dumbledore was gay pissed off every last inch of me. I HAD NEVER ONCE THOUGHT OF DUMBLEDORE'S SEXUALITY ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. To do that cheapened him as a character, not in any way because she said he was gay (I would have had exactly the same reaction had she come out and said that he was a womanizing dick), but because she took him down a peg and made him like everyone else. His glory, to me, was that his presence transcended so many human foibles. I have no idea whether that makes sense at all or not, but it's a huge thing with me.

James Potter was a fucking git douchebag
LOL. So true. I mean, of course we only got that one flashback scene of him, but like...yeah. I was never a fan of him either. Although, to be fair, Sirius was probably the same way at that age and he's one of my favorite characters in the series. so.

It bothered me that she said that Dumbledore was gay, too, because like...it felt to me as if she wanted to say she'd created a gay character without actually taking the time to express it in the series? Not that his sexuality needed to define who he was, but I feel like if she did want to go in that direction with Dumbledore, she should've made it clear in the series and taken the time to show a wise, loved, admired character who WAS gay, to provide that positive model for people to see while reading, not just randomly state it after she'd finished writing the series. But I get your point, too, that he kind of seemed like this ethereal person who was on an entirely different level than everyone else, and then all of a sudden she's like "LOL JUST KIDDING!!!"

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