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Yes, I think in song lyrics. Why do you ask?
8x06 Renee relief
Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you between one and three sentences from that story.

Ugh, you guys. I'm begging for distraction. My bb went off to soccer camp this morning and there were ten million kids and they will all be in the pool and and and . . . *hyperventilates*

I think I only missed two prompts the last time I did this, and those will show up in comments. And as I said there, it doesn't have to be 24. XF, Silk Stalkings, SVU, Chuck, Buffy/Angel, Star Trek: TNG, whatever.

eta: OH. And super good luck to [personal profile] marinw today:)

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The one about what Adama does and thinks while he's out there in space, waiting around, on the off chance she's still okay.

He tries to read, rustle of pages beneath his fingertips, searching for the comfort of a universe he can hold in his hands.

Sometimes he makes it through an entire page before he hears her laughter or sees the way her eyes spark when she thinks she's gotten away with something.

Without her, everything is heavy.

It's confusing.

They've figured out how to fold space.

What nobody can do is fold time.

He wishes he believed in the gods like she does.

If he did, he'd know who to ask for the only thing he needs.

Is it a sleepaway camp?? Or does he come back at the end of each day?

Oh god, he comes back at 3. I'm such a drama queen. But it terrifies me because that's just how I am. And I hate other people's children with the passion of a thousand fiery hells, and that is a LOT of other people's children. GAH.

Youuuuu have been on my mind today! Hope everything goes okay.

The one where Elliot gets divorced like a normal human, and things proceed logically from there.

Well that was more than three sentences, so wtf?

*I* hope everything goes okay, too. I am just not good at this! And bwah, you would give me SVU:P


"You eat sunflower seeds?" She stares at the plastic container she pulled out of a grocery bag. Little black letters in that boring font say, Ingredients: Hulled sunflower seeds, salt.

"Yeah, they're good in Greek yogurt." He looks up from whatever he's stirring on her stove. "Why, what's wrong with them?"


(This is a thing they do now, shopping after work and dinner at her place. Turns out he can cook. It is, in fact, incredibly weird, but the good kind of weird, the kind where the slow adjustment feels . . . nice.

It's just that given the shit he eats at work, she'd always taken him for a potato chips and frozen pizza guy, if left to his own devices.)

"Did we remember cayenne?" he asks over his shoulder.

"I'll find it." She rummages through another bag, feels better when her fingers close over a tube of barbecue Pringles.

The one where Jack finally gets Renee to relax enough to fall asleep after she testifies against the bad Russians (whose names I don't remember who Jack killed outside of this AU) in trial. You know the ones. And it just stirs up bad memories of that day, so. He has to cuddle her.

The one where Allison Taylor is vindicated by history.

(My evilness. Let me show you it.)

It's one of those sparkling honorary dinners, glint of chandeliers on crystal and something like twenty pieces of silverware meticulously arranged by her plate.

The toast rattles on, relentless commitment to peace and paving the way for new democracies.

When it's over, she sips guilt with her Chateau-Lafite and hopes her smile looks more real than it feels.

You have already written me the One Where Renee Flies The Helicopter. So how about a post Day 7 AU where Jack returns to Sangala and brings Renee?

So you have issues with water and pools? I did not know that.

Hehe, that's a great prompt! And on the subject of pools, see email.

I can never think of any good prompts for you anymore :( /fail

No fail! It is all good. I still have several outstanding, and once S gets home there's lots less time, so all is well. Promise!

Lawl, I am so late to the comment party -- I blame Monday. You are fired in the face, Monday!

Can I prompt you? (It is a-okay if you'd rather close up shop, pinkie-promise!) BUT. If I can prompt you, I would love to hear about that pre-canon time Raylan Givens wasn't quite fast enough.

Lulz, I fired Monday in the face after what I thought was drop-off turned into an hour long "meeting" in the hockey rink with 160 children screaming in my ears. AND I HAD ONLY HAD ONE CUP OF COFFEE. My first world problems, let me show you them!

Yes, you can still prompt me! But because I fail like a failing thing, refresh my memory. Raylan worked for Art before he went to Florida, yeah?

BB, I'm so sorry I was unable to provide distraction yesterday. I was at Sports Day at J's school - an entire day of OPC and trying to explain the concept of a bucket brigade to kindergarteners in French, and also serving hamburgers to stony-faced sixth graders who don't apparently know how to say 'please' or 'thank you ' in any language. AND we ran out of coffee, so I was doing this completely uncaffeinated. I would say I won, but a) there is no victory in this situation and b) there was no pool involved, and potential drowning always trumps a slippy-slide and bouncy castle.

All that to say, I have no prompt, but man, I enjoyed reading what you wrote. Poetic, indeed. I'm up to 9 k on my fic and it is the most banal, flat piece of crap. Blerg. Ah, well. I don't think I'll be able to figure out AO3, so my chances of actually posting are fairly slim.

Here's hoping day 2 of soccer camp is better for you. Two more sleeps and school's out for us. They're spending one of the last days on Sex Ed, so that should be interesting. Nothing like squeezing it in at the last minute. That's what she said.

Oh wow, save the water stuff, I honestly think you had it worse. At least my torment only lasted approximately an hour and fifteen minutes. Geez. OPC are of the devil.

You can figure out AO3. Mainly because I figured it out, and it's seriously effortless, and do you need an invite? Because I can get you one. If you write this thing man, you are posting that mother! I haven't written a word, nor can I be sure that I will, but I am surprisingly Zen about it. I have a lovely playlist, that's for sure!

S moved up to the 9 year olds today because he said the 8 year olds with whom he was originally placed (because he was 8 when I registered him) cried too much. In typical kid style, he has now decided that the 9 year olds are "bad at sportsmanship." Oh, children. It's amazing I even love my own;)

I cannot believe you guys are still in school. When do you START?

Also, I am not ignoring your post re: writing and all that good stuff. I just haven't had the chance to sit down and give it a thoughtful answer, but I really do have thoughts!

p.s. Better to squeeze it in at the last minute than not at all;)

In looking over the last time I did this, I realized I missed one of yours so posting it here to make sure you'll see it.

You asked for like, the one where it's the first office party after Jack and Renee had sex, and there are ten mountains of awkward.

He realizes he's probably being obvious, not taking his eyes off her for more than a minute or two all night, but he can't seem to help it.

In his head, the light in her eyes when she laughs at someone's joke becomes the twinkle he'd seen when she'd finally stopped teasing and took his cock in her mouth; the split-second she closes her eyes while dancing becomes those long, blissful minutes when she'd thrown her head back, eyes closed as she rocked above him.

He shifts in his chair at the dinner table, trying to ease the pressure in his trousers and wondering if she`d follow him up to his hotel room if he asked, and how early they could leave without being noticed.

(Okay, maybe not awkward, but hopefully hot? :D)

And for my request... Jack/Renee, keeping each other awake on a stakeout. :D


Oh em gee, entirely unexpected ficlet from you! I had 100% forgotten about this prompt, and ta da!

HOTNESS. God, it just makes me want all the rest of the fic is what it makes me want. Like this fic continued, world without end. Thank you so much for the delightful surprise.

And I ADORE your prompt. Hee.

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