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Where can I return my human card?
7x02 Larry facepalm
No seriously, I just give up.

Although reading some of the comments almost makes it worth the fact that this "book" exists.

Except not quite, because everything about this makes me want to cry.

[personal profile] adrenalin211 made the astute observation that just as everyone knows the story of how the entire HP series got started with Rowling writing on a napkin in a restaurant, everyone will know the story of how this POS got started as Twatlight fanfic. However, no napkins were harmed in the making of Rowling's production. LE SIGH.

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The heart wants what it wants, S. And clearly, the heart of America wants a little badly-written S&M.

Apparently you're right.

I'll just be over here in the corner, weeping for any advances in feminism we might have made in the last century. People are posting about this stuff on my FB. Like, admitting to reading it. On FB. THIS HAS TO BE THE BOOK THAT CAUSES EVERYONE TO COME OUT OF THE PORN CLOSET?


Right, but I mean...couldn't you make the argument that ladies being like, "YEAH I READ PORN WHAT OF IT" on facebook is an advance for feminism? I mean, yes, the content is shitty, but like...part of me feels like that doesn't matter so much?

I think it probably depends on your definition of the word "advance." In any case, if you can spin this in your head in a positive manner, then in the end you are better off, because it's happening whether my head can spin it positively or not, you know?

(Deleted comment)
Agreed! I am both of those things. I was trying to say that I am a unsure as to whether introducing this boring, submissive girl/woman porn into our cultural conversation is a step forward for feminism. Yikes.

(Deleted comment)
But I guess a goodly number of women are into it at least on some level if they genuinely get off on this crap and aren't just reading it for the trainwreck factor.

Yeah, I think this is the part that flips me out the most -- the idea that it's not only the trainwreck factor (given that some of my favorite people in the world have read it for that reason), but that women are actually enjoying a book that includes a relationship like that one. Ugh.

The local Virgin radio station was talking about awkward moments the other day, and the male host said his was an old lady checking him out when she saw he was reading it on the bus. Just, what? (Not that I think that story was true, mind you.)

However, I have to say that the only place where I have seen fanfic mentioned in relation to the book is on the internet, in places where people already know about fanfic. I don't think most people really know or care about the backstory.

I almost feel like I have to at least check out an excerpt in order to have an opinion on if it's a good or bad thing for feminism.

All I know is, don't eat the pancakes.

Well it's so weird how discussion of it has become this thing that people just do. And basically what I wish (well I wish a lot of things, tbh, and most of those would bore everyone and take too long to type out) is that if everyone were suddenly going to confess to reading porn, it would be well-written porn in which there is a female character who is actually interesting.

I think I also find the sheep mentality of this entire thing so bizarre. Because my own mother read part of the first book, out of peer pressure or something (you'd have to know my mother to know how ridiculous and effed up that is).

My brain is melting, so I probably picked a really bad day to post meta about fanfic and the downfall of society, but basically I just wish we were having this porn conversation with some better material.

I will most definitely not eat the pancakes;)

OMG, your icon. It's ridiculous how much that's making me laugh today.

It is completely weird how much people are talking about it. It's like they feel all 'edgy' and cool because they're talking about porn.

Although it just occurs to me that perhaps it's because it's bad porn that they feel okay talking about it, because that means they're only reading it to see what all the fuss is about and to feel superior to it, rather than because they actually like it. Talking about porn they actually think is good and that they truly enjoy is still waaaaaay too uncomfortable. FSoG is something other people enjoy, so it's safe.

Icon, heh. I would read a book about Fifty Shades of Jack, no lie. I would NOT talk about it on FB.

Well I do think that the experience of this book is totally different if you've been reading fanfic porn forever. Because it's pretty much like:


Us: Wtf? All the good porn out there and this is what achieves international superstardom?

But I do think you're onto something about the kind of thing where you can argue that you're only reading it because of the buzz. And that's just. Ahahahaha. Well. I'm basically stealing all of A's good arguments today, but I agree with what she said when we were discussing the subject. It's just like when Harry Potter turned a bunch of non reading kids into readers, and that was a good thing. If this turns a bunch of non-porn readers into readers of terrible and probably anti-feminist porn, I think probably that's a bad thing.

I just think women spend enough time in submissive roles in our society. No, I don't in theory have a problem with BSDM. God I'm just so depressed right now about the way our entire society apparently views sex and trying to raise two boys well within that framework.


However, I have to say that the only place where I have seen fanfic mentioned in relation to the book is on the internet, in places where people already know about fanfic. I don't think most people really know or care about the backstory.

Oops. I did forget to mention that to me at least this is good news. I can cross my fingers that you're correct, although I swear that almost every article I read about it mentions the fanfic thing. This may be because every article I read about it comes from a source related to fanfic;)

Wow. Maybe 12 Dec 2012 is the end of the world simply because we won't have any well-written books to read and we'll all become illiterate and die off. Maybe.

On a related topic: books! I found a new book called Bared to You and it's exponentially better than 50 Shades of Shit. Seriously, I recommend reading it if only to wash out the horrible taste in your brain left by the other book.

HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!! I laugh because I know mothers who are reading this WITH THEIR DAUGHTERS! Like a S&M book club for the whole family! The human race is in serious decline.

I thought the world was ending on the 21st! You mean I have nine fewer days than I thought? WELL FUCK, that is terrible news:P

Bared to You, huh? I kind of just want to snuggle up with one of my good old XF fanfic faves. I mean I was reading Mulder/Scully bondage when . . . okay I won't finish that sentence.

WELL MY SISTER GAVE IT TO MY MOM TO READ. And of course they're both like EW WHAT, but they read the damn thing! What what what?

....um...the 21st sounds right. I don't pay attention, because if the world does continue on and the Mayans just kinda ran out of room of the calendar they were making, then I fully expect to NOT be in the States on the 22d. Or so I'm told right now.

Haha! I used to print off XF fanfic covertly when my parents made their Saturday morning errands runs and I would hide them all on the side of my bed against the wall. *sigh* good times. I think we found a shit ton when we moved that were COVERED in dust. Like, I'm talking caked in dust. And my mom was all, "...Whhhattt?"

I can't even. If my mom told me she wanted to read 50 Shades with me, I would put my full grown adult-self up for adoption. For reals.

Appropriate icon is SO appropriate:)

This is unrelated. But I mean. It's awesome! And kid friendly.

I have no idea whether or not the EL James' fanfic start is going to be as famous as JK Rowling's napkins. I'd like to believe it won't be important, but I think that is starting to be/will be, to many people. I'd love to be wrong about that. But this is the rep we're getting, and it's hard not to be bitter about that when there's so little I don't find offensive about the book's premise.

Like Twatlight, I feel like I should totally read a little of it so I can feel more justified saying these things. Lol. I have a feeling my opinion isn't changing, but I should get on doing that.

I just really don't want to read on FB that my aunts and cousins are "loving it" and can't wait to chat more about it. Like book club at a family gathering. Kill me now. I'm hiding at your house, so you know in advance.


You know you do.

'Cause I do:P

It's Tim's graduation this year. I'm wondering if there will be a celebration. And whether or not Jillian and my aunt K are going to try to talk me up about 50 Shades of Ick like they did Twilight.

And Becky was reading it at the hairdressers! Unashamed and enjoying it. WTF FAMILY.

I totally want to read this with my dad. How did you KNOW?

I totally want to go to a book club where they're reading this book. As a fly on the wall. I mean how does that work? "Tonight, I hope Glen does page 379 to me?"

OMG. You just made me spit my smoothie. No, literally.

OMG, that video is seriously the awesomest of awesome things that I have seen in recent history. Wow. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Between that and the baby and the cat, maybe I *will* restore my faith in humanity!

Yeah I mean, I can't say for sure what will become of all this 50 Shades crap, and obviously I'm part of the problem in that here I am up in my el jay, all talking about it just like everybody else, baaaaaa. I can't decide whether to read it or not. I mean I've been to the tumblr site so I've seen excerpts:P

Feel free to come to my house if you want to avoid discussing BDSM porn with your family. I really don't want to know what anybody in my family thinks about the book. Let's just put it this way. My sister never rants about feminist issues and she went off on a feminist rant about it. So. Make of that what you will.

Isn't it so cute and amazing? I love him with the little Syrian ballerinas. HAHAHAHA.

Thank you for offering me a safety zone. And yeah if it makes your sister rant about feminist issues... GEEZ.

I think I can read it so when I make arguments and people respond with, "Have you even READ it?" I can say... "WHY YES. I have." OR you know. Part of it. I can omit that info.

I get the Giles thumbs up for the vid!? Is that Giles? That's Giles.

It's totally Giles. LOL. And yes, he is giving you the thumbs up for that vid.



I should hate her. But I love her.

N is sitting here going, "Oh my god, that song is in my head now. It's so aggravating."

eta: Wow, my layout made some dramatic spacing there for effect, eh?

Edited at 2012-06-21 06:18 pm (UTC)

My guess when I listened is that that soprano voice at the beginning is Annie. Because... the other ones don't sound like her. And even before I heard the others I had it in my head as conceivably and likely Annie.


She even has a little Sarah Brightmanesque thing going on there at certain points. I mean if that's her. People never sound like themselves singing. That was a weird sentence.

The heat has officially fried my brain.

Well even when that other woman talks to her, her talking response sounds like Annie. Don't you think? I mean... in a higher pitch than she typically talks, but definitely her voice.

Idk man. I didn't find it myself. It was under the Annie Wersching tag.

Oh it totally sounds like her talking, yeah. I mean she pitches Renee lower than even a lot of the guest people she does. Maybe lower is badass or something. Huh. Well isn't that just revolting that she can do that?

It is pretty revolting. TOTALLY.

Oh wow, that may be one of the most amazing 50 Shades commentaries I've ever seen, and I've seen quite a few.


It would also make the book a lot shorter. And with 100% fewer spatulas.

Of course it outsold Harry Potter paperbacks. Everyone bought the hard cover instead.

Shhhhhh. Let me live in my world of denial.

Everyone bought the hard cover instead.

OH YES. Of course you are right. I can't believe I did not consider this before;)

It kinda gives Brits a bad name, doesnt it? LOL.
Seriously, though and fortunately, I know not all Brits have brought into this BS and I thanks God the friends I have in RL arent into it and those that are, well, they aren't my friends anymore lol.
Kidding, though I have tried to sway people away from it as much as possible.

It's not Brits, LOL. And even if it were, the number of beyond fantastic authors you guys have brought the world more than fixes the cosmic balance. My point is that the entire damn world is buying this stupid book, and it makes me depressed as hell on a variety of levels. But I'll have to live with it! I try to avoid it when I can, too, and I have vowed to stop posting about it and depressing myself further. It is what it is, right?

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