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Dragon o rly?

There is nothing I can add to this, partially because it requires no commentary, but mostly because I'm crying with laughter. Thanks for the link, [personal profile] adrenalin211! And I hope everyone has a fantastic Thursday.

p.s. Oh, oh! A giant thank you to [personal profile] dealan311 for telling me to just block a tumblr user who was truly pissing me off. (I told you I don't know how to use tumblr.) Logic-lacking, idiotic Renee hate begone!

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Well I don't think you should use a spatula for that. Do NOT EAT THE PANCAKES.

Is that what got N wanting Bisquik? :-P

Oh man, and the sound effects. "I'm a bad girl." Ahahahahaha. "Oh, oh, oh!"

I certainly HOPE that is not what got N wanting Bisquik. Bisquick? Whatever. Oy. SO FUNNY THOUGH. I love her.

Hahahahaha I love that video.

Me, too! I feel like such a dork because A sent it to me a million years ago and I never watched it until this morning. SO FUNNY. "I can't say that!"

Ellen is kind of awesome. I love that she's a Cover Girl Spokesperson, not that I ever buy CG products.

She's so awesome and laid back yet still so hilarious. I enjoy her a great deal more than most manic comedians.

Also, in my continued pop culture fail, I had no idea she was a spokesperson for CG. That's the coolest!

Yet another reason why America's Next Top Model is dozens of layers of fail. Tyra has eliminated 25 year old women for looking too old to model in an era when CG has hired 50something Ellen. Tyra is stupid.

And no, I haven't watch ANTM for several seasons now.

(Edited because I can't spell "Tyra")

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The sad thing is that in the actual modeling world, starting out at 25 is "way too old." This is one reason I a) weep for humanity and b) am sometimes so glad I don't have daughters.

Modeling is stupid. Sigh.

I consider fashion photography to be a valid form of art. But the whole modelling industry is rather disturbing. From my limited knowledge of the topic!

I can't remember the designer, but I have seen some print ads in The New Yorker with gray haired models. So some progress has been made.

I still life model! And by "Life Model" I mean posing in my birthday suit so that the human form may be drawn in all its' accuracy.

I absolutely love that you life model. I think that although it's not a thing I'm remotely squidgy about people doing, I'd feel insanely self-conscious trying to do it myself. I'm impressed that you don't have the same issues!

It's one of several hobby jobs! My body image is very utilitarian.

Remember how I said I was gonna do this?

Here are some non-thematic gif(t)s.





Re: Remember how I said I was gonna do this?


Except for the Clint Eastwood one which like, I don't even understand. But that's okay because it's Clint Eastwood and he knows things about pigeons.

Wow though that third one. I cried so hard the first time I saw that. SO HARD. Why is she so brilliant? It's all there in her face how much she wants to hold it together but they're going to kill him AND SHE JUST CAN'T. GAH.

Re: Remember how I said I was gonna do this?

HER FACE SAYS IT ALL! Oh god. Gillian is such a genius.

Re: Remember how I said I was gonna do this?

P.S. That looks like Clint Eastwood.

Re: Remember how I said I was gonna do this?

Looks quite a bit like Clint Eastwood, actually:P

We so have to watch In the Line of Fire. Since I was late to the game there as with all things, THAT is the movie that made me fall in love with him.

Re: Remember how I said I was gonna do this?

I've never seen it! I don't think.

Re: Remember how I said I was gonna do this?

Oh it's really awful but in the best way. And it has Clint Eastwood and Rene Russo as his totally inappropriately younger love interest, and John Malkovich as the inexplicably evil bad dude (like dear bad dude, why are you so evil?). So what's not to love? Plus Clint's character plays jazz piano to show how eclectic he is. Heh.

Re: Remember how I said I was gonna do this?

Sounds like a fun film. Definitely gotta watch that.

Re: Remember how I said I was gonna do this?

Plus, Dylan McDermott's (sp?) character dies, AND HE'S SO ANNOYING. So even though you're supposed to be sad, I'm all, "Good riddance, annoying motherfucker!" #goodstoryyep

Re: Remember how I said I was gonna do this?

That was an excellent story. Totally.

Ha! Hilarious. Love Ellen. Used to watch her sitcom years ago, and now enjoy her chat show, but we don't get the current eps playing here. They are usually months old. However, its cool we at least get to see them considering we don't really get to see many chat shows. They used to show Letterman for a while, but I don't think many Brits got the humour and they cancelled it.
Personally, other than Ellen, I love Craig Ferguson and Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, although I only get to watch them mostly on Youtube.

I adore Ellen, but I never watched her show because I basically don't watch TV. 24 is the only show in the last five years that I've made appointment television! But I do love funny clips from Ellen (have you seen the one where they mash together all the times she scares the crap out of her guests in some way?), and I think she's so low key and awesome.

I don't get Letterman's humor either;) I mean, at least not mostly. I think he's creepy and getting creepier by the minute. My favorite is Jimmy Fallon. HE is freakin' hilarious!

Yeah, I was trying to figure out why I didn't like Letterman and that's it! He is creepy! In like, if I was on his show, I'd probably want to wear a burka just so he couldn't look at me the way he does to most of his female guests.
I like you don't really watch much TV. My free time's spent usually watching stuff on my laptop - episodes, or catching up on interviews on youtube. Which is mostly how I came across these funny comedian chat show hosts. When I do watch TV these days I spend 80% of the time flipping through the channels until I find something I like, but usually never do.
I used to watch lots of TV when I wasn't working, now I rarely get time... but the living room feels weirdly empty without it lol.

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