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I have no excuse either.
Avengers Clint Natasha sitting
Stolen from lowriseflare, who rocks these like a BOSS:

Tell me about a story I haven't written, and I'll give you between one and three sentences from that story.

Distract me, you guys. I'm begging. Doesn't have to be 24. Chuck, Buffy, Star Trek: TNG, X-Files, Silk Stalkings, Justified, whatever. And I pinkie swear that it will not top three sentences.

Unrelated: I'm attempting to put together a fantabulous workout mix. Rockin' suggestions are welcome!

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Jack/Sherry Palmer.

Not sexual because weird! But I would like to combine my loves.

She calls his cell when he's in the chopper, picking embedded gravel out of his knuckles so he can wrap his hand.

"Jack, give me thirty seconds before you hang up, because I guarantee you're gonna want to hear what I have to say."

He takes three slow deep breaths as he douses the hand with rubbing alcohol, grateful for the stinging distraction; he would love to put the fucking woman in a chokehold and shut her up, but he can't, because he knows she's right.

Heh, thank you!! I love me some Sherry Palmer.

IMPORTANT: what was your ship on Buffy? I can't believe this is a thing I don't know about you, or a thing I knew at one point but have forgotten.

Funny you should ask, because Buffy holds the very high honor of being the only show ever in history where I have actively shipped one character with two people. I love her with either Angel or Spike. It confuses me to this day.

Aw, I want Hawkeye and Black Widow. The one where he tries to teach her how to use a bow and arrow.

*puppy eyes*

Yikes. Well most likely a giant case of "be careful what you wish for," but . . .


They've been at it for hours. His neck aches from correcting her position and three of her fingers are bleeding.

"Nat, take a break. You want something to eat?" His words are quiet, level; it's dangerous to fracture her focus.

"As soon as I hit the center." She draws her arm back, every muscle in her concentrated on the remote black circle.

He watches and waits.

There's nothing it takes long to teach her.

At first I thought they were humping. Then I figured out he was just teaching her archery.

What a well-written disappointment.

Actually, you can read this whole thing as dirty, if you really want to


Your words could sell me on pretty much any fandom, tbh.


Although now I read it dirty, and that kinda makes me laugh. Just, bleeding fingers, what?

Oh, brain.

For you A, because you prompted with the Ninaja powerz of your brain

or on text, whatever

He's in aisle 3, debating between bacon ranch and parmesan peppercorn, when he hears the faint chime of an incoming voicemail.

The phone didn't even ring, so what the hell? He sees Renee's number, breathes through the inevitable internal rearranging that happens every last fucking time she calls him from work, and hits the button to listen.

"Hey." It takes one word for him to know something's wrong. "I got your message that you were going to the store." He hears talking and ringing phones, background noise behind her voice, which is cracking and quieter than usual.

His neck starts to sweat.

"We're out of bananas and you might want to buy coffee, just in case, but aside from that . . . " She trails into silence; he holds his breath while he listens to too-rapid rhythm of hers through the phone. She clears her throat. "Shit. I was gonna wait to tell you." Another brief pause. "Dean got shot when we went into Callahan's warehouse. He's dead."

She stops talking again. Jack discovers that he's got a death grip on a bottle of honey mustard.

"Nobody's good for much here, so I'm leaving in a couple minutes." Her words fall to a whisper. "I hope you're home when I get there. I love you. Bye."

He heads for checkout, forgets everything but the coffee.

All the way home he watches the red trails of brake lights, thinks about blood.

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Re: For you A, because you prompted with the Ninaja powerz of your brain

OH MY! I love that you wrote this for me, despite my unofficial brain-prompting!

AND IT IS SO REAL. It's so funny. I just SEE IT ALL when you write. And I can hear the change in her voice. The way it was never okay and HE could tell that, but that moment when she decides to spill more right there in the voicemail and SHE JUST NEEDS TO SEE HIM AND SNUGGLE AND BREATHE EASIER BECAUSE HE HAS LIVED, THIS IS TO HAVE SUCCEEDED (TO JACK and ralph waldo emmerson, who apparently laughed often and much).


Re: For you A, because you prompted with the Ninaja powerz of your brain


Is that too much to say in an unlocked el jay? Nah, I will throw caution to the wind. I honestly want to write the other one but I'm too scared it won't be good, snorty mcsnort. True story.


Ahem. God, I am such a loser. <3

Re: For you A, because you prompted with the Ninaja powerz of your brain

He's in aisle 3, debating between bacon ranch and parmesan peppercorn, when he hears the faint chime of an incoming voicemail.
I'm sorry, but as soon as I read this, all I could think of is "I'm gonna need a cleanup on aisle 3." @ 1:08 /fail

Re: For you A, because you prompted with the Ninaja powerz of your brain


Re: For you A, because you prompted with the Ninaja powerz of your brain

Gah. So much love for this.

Allison Taylor/Charles Logan. Does not have to be shippy at all if such a pairing makes you nauseous.

Yeah, I couldn't write them shippy if I tried. *shudders* Hee. So.


"Allison," he says, wiping the edge of his mouth with a beige cloth napkin, "I can get the Russians to work with you on this. But not unless you give me something I can bring to the table in return."

He's always reminded her a little of a snake. The problem is that she finds snakes fascinating. She never was like other girls.

She takes another bite of her truffle cauliflower mousse and stares at him. The stuff is even better than he promised.

He smiles in the bubble of her hesitation and gestures for their server. "Well, have another glass of wine while you think about it."

She sips the rich Cabernet, allowing some tiny portion of her brain to entertain the illusion that she might not give in.

I HAVE A BUNCH OF SUGGESTIONS FOR WORKOUT MUSIC but will only share four with you at the moment because I don't want to overwhelm you- let me know if you want any of them, and I'll send you along the mp3! (And then I'll share some more if you're still interested, haha.)

1. "XR2" - M.I.A.
2. "Tell Me"- Wonder Girls (song starts at 0:20)
3. "Moviendo Las Caderas"- Oro Solido
4. "Colourless Color"- La Roux

AWESOME. I will have to check all of these out the second I toss S into bed tonight. Thank you so much for the thoughts. I'm all psyched to make the most niftiest workout mix EVER:)

hiya! i love it when you guys play this game :)

mulder & scully. the early days one where she takes a bullet graze and he can't quite make himself leave her home alone.

ps, the new song gripping my heart:

i'm pretty sure it's about dancing. and avoiding natural disasters. but both of those things involve movement, so!


I actually really like that a lot, although N has given it a thumbs down;) But it's super jiggy and not like all the other stuff out there, which always earns points with me. Yay!

Hmmmm, I must really want this ship to happen because every time my mind seems to go back to it.
Jack /Cladia.

LOL. Well I've seen S3 exactly once, and I barely remember Claudia. So it would probably be pretty hard to write her, particularly without a specific prompt. If you hit me with something from a later season, I'm more likely to be able to pull it off.

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