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Danger, Will Robinson!
Scully Bitch Please
Oh, FFS. I just figured out how to screencap DVDs while playing them in VLC.

This is the worst news for my productivity in recent history. I'm supposed to be figuring how to make my little bang plot hang together so that the damn story contains something besides sex and angst! And you know. DOING ALL THE LIFE THINGS.

*stares at huge line of DVDs on bookshelf*

Yikes. Happy Monday to everyone!

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Ahaha, I have SO MUCH WRITING I should be doing right now, and instead I'm staring out the window all dreamy-like, thinking, "I should do a meme." COME ON, SELF, PULL IT TOGETHER.


I am in the middle of an epic, "S, WHY are you such a dipshit?" moments.

p.s. I love memes, especially when you do them. *whistles*

I feel like a dipshit, too! Which is dumb, because the whole point of this thing is to be a silly, fun, inconsequential side project, but I still feel like such a guilty failure when I'm not making progress on it.


(I mean. Maybe if you did one first.)

You're so good with your deadlines and staying on track and all that stuff. SO GOOD. I'm always like, SHINY.

You caaaaaaaaaan. Or I mean, not if honestly that's going to be a huge distraction for you. I love those three sentence fic ones.

I can't do a meme! I owe Christmas fic and I owe A a bunch of babyfic and then I'm supposed to be getting somewhere on the bang story and actually writing words for this original idea I in theory have. Nobody wants to prompt me anyway because I'm not versatile like you. If I ever watched more than one thing I'd have a lot more to work with;)

My self-imposed deadlines make me such a crazyperson, though! Because they're always impossible and then I'm like, WHY AREN'T YOU WRITING 10,000 WORDS PER DAY, SELF? YOU'RE A HACK. Plus I broke my FIRST RULE OF A WORK IN PROGRESS and talked about it way too much to people who are not you guys, and now I'm horrifyingly self conscious about both content and output.

(I love to prompt you! It's just, you know. Challenging.)

The more I let myself think about that article, the more it pisses me off. WHATEVER. I wrote not even quite a thousand words the other day and that felt like plenty. I DON'T KNOW.

Bwah, I didn't realize that was one of your rules of progress. I should probably make some rules so that maybe I'll make some progress.

Challenging, exactly! I was watching S1 Chuck with M the other day and I was all, "Well I know these characters enough to write them!" But then I was all, "Yet also, I'm not remotely funny, so fail." #goodstory

It is in fact one of my rules! I almost never talk about writing stuff with people who aren't you or A or E, because when I talk about it too much and out loud it, like (to be completely unbearable about it) punctures the bubble. It becomes less about what's happening in my head and more about I'm saying to people about it? I don't even know. I don't think I have too many other rules besides that, though. THAT would be interesting to pose as one of your fandom/writing questions of the day, though! "What are your WIP rules?"

Edited at 2012-06-04 05:08 pm (UTC)

I mean, you write a great deal more than I do so I don't necessarily feel confident to speak on the subject, but I do think that I spent way too much time talking about the London story and way too little time writing it. Which is okay, because whatever it's done. But I feel as if there was a lesson there somewhere.

Honestly it's one of the reasons I'm terrified to get going on this original fic stuff. LIKE WHO DO I EVEN ASK FOR AN OPINION? I mean you guys clearly, but do I widen the circle? PONDEROUS, MAN.

My only writing rules that have ever worked go pretty much as follows:

1. If you really want to get something done, write a minimum of 500 words a day.
2. Have music that puts you in the mood for/makes you brainstorm about whatever it is you're supposed to be writing.
3. Only attempt to make one thing remotely good at once. As in, it's fine to write 2k of awful babyfic for A in an hour and a half, but that's only as a diversion from something else.

I don't know if that even made sense. Probably I should have more rules.

Ack. I am starring at lines and lines of code, trying to make sence of WordPress Themes.

Our First World Problems, let me show you them!

Oh you're going THAT hardcore into WordPress. Good on you! I can't get beyond the basic HTML tagging to save my life, believe me. Thank goodness for Kay!

You know you are a dweller in the First World when starring at code makes you cry! There is a BIG difference between a simple WP blog and mucking around to make something specific. So glad I have this new iMac.

Aren't these computers things of loveliness? I so worship mine.

Yeah, I freely admit I have no patience for code. I mean, I'm the person who's wanted to make a fanvid for three years now and hasn't done it because I can't force myself to do the busywork. FAIL.


Right? The only thing that's saving me at the moment is that I don't know where to start. PLUS I haven't yet figured out if there's any way to make VLC move very slowly through something. I'm so picky about screencaps that I'll toggle back and forth between tenth of a second frames in Quicktime. /total dork

I'm scared. I need a cat icon to demonstrate my fear. Too bad I care about my own sanity and thus do not have a cat icon.

Q: What's the difference between writing and making a million screencaps?


Bwah, such a true story.

I'm still not clear on what cats have to do with it, but I'm not clear on a lot of things, so that's okay.


The only thing cats and this post have in common is my fear! Lololol

Idk! I remember making like 203948723 I meant it like it sounded icons way back in the day when we were first experimenting, and you didn't like any of them. Maybe that is why? Not that they were very good or anything.

I'm too picky, OKAY? As if everyone doesn't know this. I swear I wish I loved The damn Avengers more, because there's a fandom that's crazy hopping. Now of course I'd probably be scared to speak to anyone in it, but at least there's lots of fic and icons. Tons!

ha, I remembered when this happened to me for the KMPlayer. Disaster... also happened to be the time when I fell in love with Renee! Double disaster. Good luck with getting your life back =P

Well, YOU actually know how to do cool things with screencaps. I really don't -- just how to make them. This is the worst discovery ever though, when I'm supposed to be working on like three different writing things. LOL. I'm pretty sure I won't be able to stop myself from making a few more tumblr photosets though, because they just make me so happy!

I have no idea what VLC even is, so I'm saved from that distraction.

I went to a project kick-off meeting last week and the client asked when things might happen, and the landscape architect said blithely, "Oh, the master plan is due the end of June."

Which caused me to throw up in my mouth a bit. Did I mention this was the kick off meeting? Oy. So after the meeting I asked him why he had failed to mention that little detail, and he said, "Well, you said you were really busy and I didn't want you to say no to the project. But now it's too late. Bwah-ha-ha!"

OMFG. *breathes*

So, yeah, not much happening on the big bang at the moment. And yet, here I am on your LJ. I am so weak.

I have VLC because it just makes it easier to play almost any kind of movie media without messing with it. More fun secrets I learned from Kay.

Hehe, well at least you'll be done! I'm kinda climbing the walls not working this month, because the big stuff starts for the five weeks beginning July 2nd. Then I'm crazy busy until vacation in August. I WISH I were working right now.

I'm not even sure I'll get the bang done, to be honest. Depends on whether I can get the tone right in my head and get enough time to sit down and be sure the plot makes sense. I hope I can, because it's a story I really wanna write. I have a lot more confidence in yours, if only because you're already outputting so many words!

I love you in my LJ! It's just for a second, psh;)

Can you tell me, please? I just started using VLC last month and I never even thought to try since I can't do it with any of my other programs. (My computer is made specifically not to allow it unless you pay a fee.) I'm wondering if I'll be able to with VLC, and I'd like to try.

Well I'm assuming that you don't have a Mac, although I guess I could be wrong -- just my default because of some of the things you've said about your computer and issues with it. All I did was open VLC and then go to open disc. It popped it right up and I could choose chapters, etc. Then you can just pause and cap whatever you want. Mac has an automatic cap utility called Grab, but I'm pretty sure that most computers come with a variant on that. The pic quality just comes out a lot better than it does when I screencap the eps I've downloaded from the web. I hope it works, because I know how much you want screencaps!

And as always, I don't know what photo editing software you have, but if you get cool caps and want me to do something Photoshoppy with them, I'm glad to with my limited powers!

What is this VLC thing of which you speak?

Truth is I'm not remotely an expert. It's something I got because Kay recommended it and it plays pretty much any type of video if you open the vid in the player. I just didn't know it also broke the screencap protection;)

Ok, I think I've seen that.

dangerous key. I found that out a while back and its problably the reason I cannot complete a cohorent sente -- ooooh Jack... yum yum

The only part that's making me mad currently is that I can't figure out how to advance very slowly through the picture. THAT would make life even harder, hee.

Yeah, I've not figured that one out yet either :-/

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