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Kiefer&Annie Germany S7 promo
In the spirit of keeping my brain alive while I try to work out this Christmas fic in my head (I kept the notebook by my bed last night. There are a few sentences in it!), I'm participating in Fic Friday on Twitter, started (for me anyway) by the lovely [personal profile] ladyoflorien.

If you are so inclined, leave me a character or two and any kind of prompt you wish, and I will write you 140 characters of fic about it (minus your user name either on Twitter or here, if you're not on Twitter).

Two things showing what a sheep I am:

1. I made a tumblr. I haven't the vaguest idea how to use it and probably won't, LOL.

2. I have discovered Instagram. You guys, it is so cool and nifty and I feel like such a sheep, because in theory I should show THE MAN by not using it, given that it's owned by Facebook.

Anyway. FRIDAY. And the sun might even be shining. Maybe. What nifty weekend plans does everyone have?

eta: LOL, I am beyond ridiculously excited about THIS, because she makes the most gorgeous icons ever. I don't get to choose content though, so we'll see what she picks from my listed interests.

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You have a Tumblr?? Gurlllll. You are now worse off than me.

Well I would be if I had any idea how to use it. Seriously I was just staring at the thing yesterday going, "HOW do people do this?"

I'm constantly walking this wire between just being annoyed at any change and my natural inclination to be wicked pissed off if I don't know how to do something.

p.s. Do you use Instagram? Because it's so COOL.

Edited at 2012-05-25 01:47 pm (UTC)

I don't know how to use it either. Truthfully and this is weird and nerdy but it scares me. It's just a lot to handle lol. </p>

I've had instagram forever but I rarely remember I have it. I think Im missing something. Teach me!

I find tumblr terrifying, I will not lie. It's just this endless stream of pictures that make no sense to me, and I don't even understand how to change my theme or what happens when you put stuff up and probably I will mostly have succeeded in not letting someone else use leigh57, which is lol, okay with me.

Oh I just adore Instagram because of the nifty filters that you can just stick on BANG without putting anything in Photoshop. It makes pictures look super cool. I will absolutely be taking too many of my kids and driving everybody on Twitter crazy.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
HAHAHAHA DYING THAT YOUR ASK BOX TITLE IS "I'll answer if you're interesting." XD I'm echinoderms over there, btw.

AHHH that's so awesome that you're getting icons from snorkjuice! I love her icons so much. :D

Hope you have a wonderful Friday! Liz is here and we're going to go to the NY Hall of Science today, and also get dukbokkI!

I don't even know how to follow people, AT ALL. I don't know how to do anything, lol. I don't even know what or where the box is. But I was looking for the settings and it was like, "Let people ask questions?" And I was all, "Bwahahahaha, sure!" #goodstory

OMG, her icons are so amazing. I'm fascinated to see what she picks from my interests, although I don't really care. I just love all the pretty.

You have an awesome Friday, too! Pretty lazy here -- just hanging out and then a lift and haircuts for the boys. I mean. Lift for me. Haircuts for the boys.

I want dukbokki! Woe. ♥

eta: Apparently I followed you, maybe? Also, apropos of absolutely nothing but because it delights me:


Edited at 2012-05-25 03:11 pm (UTC)

You did follow me! And that gif is so great, hehe. :D

Isn't it hilarious? And yay I at least figured out how to follow you. I swear I can figure out nothing about tumblr! LOLOLOLOL.

Although I did search Renee Walker as a tag and thoroughly depress myself:*-(

I just followed you on Tumblr (which I also found completely crazy at first but now I love it for its randomness, lol). I'm here: http://staralfur09.tumblr.com/

Haha, I noticed a flurry of Instagram pics yesterday from you...I feel like I have it, but I literally never use it (not unlike most apps on my poor, underutilized iPhone).

Ok, back to studying family law for me. Sorry I've been MIA comment-wise, but I've been lurking a lot lately. Have a fantastical weekend!

I think I followed you! I will be the most spectacularly uninteresting person over there (I mean as opposed to here, where clearly I am wildly interesting, bwah), because seriously I just don't have a CLUE.

I love Instagram! But I promise to cut down on the flurry of torment for everyone and be more judicious about what I actually post. The filters are my weakness, because they're so damn easy.

Sorry you're neck deep in the studying! I'm sending you so many good thoughts and hoping it all goes so well:)

Hey, did you see <lj user=sparkles_mouse?'s icon of Meloni as a vamp? I'm still laughing.

No, but this will forever and ever amen make me die laughing:


Oh my goodness. I cannot even a little at all. REALLY?

I'll use a .gif I stole from you back AT you:



So how is Instagram different than Photoshop Filters? A lot cheaper?

Tumblr, huh? I'm working on a WordPress site.

My new iMac is going TO BE DELIVERED ANY MINUTE!!! I may be off line for a bit.

My weekend plans include setting up my new toy, Dim Sum after Karate tomorrow and the Halifax Tweed Ride Sunday, although my wardrobe is not-so-sadly lacking in tweed.

ETA: It's HERE! MY iMAC IS HERE!!!!! *explodes*

OMG, IMAC. *all the exploding*

Instagram is like instant Photoshop for the terminally lazy (aka me). No I mean, let's face it. I'm just never gonna take all my pics and put them into PS to mess with filters on them. Never happen! So Instagram is fun because it's well, instant. LOL.

I think I will never figure out tumblr.

Have SO MUCH FUN setting up your new iMac. Can't wait to hear how you like it. *snuggles mine*

I just paid off my ginormous VISA bill and am going to shut down now. My older iMac will now live with my Mom in Wolfville. So now I have TWO iMacs! The old mini doesn't count.

I'll see you on the other side!

Wait, you're going to have two iMacs just for you? LOL.

I feel like I left you too many prompts yesterday and have too many unfulfilled of my own to leave you more. But... what's that? OKay, if you INSIST. Jack/Renee- towel.

I can't get over the gifs in this post.

I want to try instagram, but not really tumblr. Why aren't I more curious about tumblr, Adrienne wonders.

WOO more icons. I hope she makes you a BSG or 24 one.

Did you not fill my prompts? You know my brain just . . . doesn't work! Towel, huh. Wow, the SVU places my brain just went with that. I'm gonna go with that's not precisely the story you would be wanting.

Nothing about cranberry-nut love muffins? No? Bueller?

You know? Tumblr isn't so much of a curiosity to me as something I cannot figure out how to do so it's a vendetta. You know how I'm always saying that Mac reads my mind? Well tumblr does NOT read my mind. At all. Most confusing social networking site I've ever freakin' seen.

I hope I get a BSG or 24 too! I predict BSG, but we'll see.

I wasn't even THINKING about crunchy towels when I gave that prompt. Maybe warm just-out-of-the-shower towels. Or beach towels. Or moist towelettes. WHATEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES.

I have one unfulfilled prompt left for you. I just filled a couple, being half-assed like I am.

You could use more BSG icons. If you're lacking in icons it's not 24 related. Heeee.


Because of the thing with the towel.

But I will absolutely write about hopefully much sexier towels. Lots of yardwork today, as I said on Twitter, so having a couple prompts to work on will be fun:)

YOURS are gorgeous, and not in the least half-assed. ADORATION. And much flail.

I totally could use more BSG icons, but damn. Her icons are so gorgeous I barely care what she uses as long as I get one! I mean she's going to pick from my interests, so.

I am still finding my way around Tumblr, I can't even figure it out yet either. It seems there's a lot of re-blogging and not a lot of original blogging from what I can tell lol.
Also... I LOVE Instagram! I found it by way of Rocco Duluca and OMG! the colours... beautiful.
Since I love taking pictures anyway I have just been drawn to it.
I have added you on there and look forward to seeing your creations!

The single thing about tumblr that is pissing me off the most right now is that I can't respond to anything in words. So yes, basically what I see is reblogging and liking stuff, and I just REALLY LIKE WORDS. So idk. Also it's certainly not a place I'd ever say anything remotely personal, because it's just everywhere and the randomest people ever can find you. Weirdness. I mean there are some super cool graphics and stuff, and people post thoughtful word posts every now and then. Whatever, I'm sure I'll eventually figure it out more.

Isn't Instagram cool? I will absolutely be abusing it to a ridiculous degree. The filters are so nifty. I wish I had a better device to use it with, but for now my iPod will have to do, LOL.

Tumblr is a maze. There is a way to add words but right now I cant log in to tell you. lol
As for Instagram. Add me by searching users Lifeinacartoon. I thought I added you but now I cant find you. Do'h!

Oh, my username is different there. I think it's shanapics21. I think! I haven't even logged on except on my iPod, so I'm not sure.

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