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This isn't quite how I remember Richard III.
Kiefer they're laughing
If you need a laugh today and your sense of humor remotely resembles mine, try this:

As soon as I can stop crying with laughter, I'll return to thrilling domesticity. Happy Thursday!

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Girl, I want to lay it down, and make sweet love to it.

Oh wait, you don't watch South Park. Hee. Why do so many things go there in my head? Rhetorical question.

Hee. No, but I do think all the clips I've seen are funny.

They cross the line sometimes, which is one of the reasons I was never a hardcore follower. But when it was on, damn it was on. Like the whole "Stan's dog is a gay homosexual." Quality programming, man.

(Deleted comment)
I haven't seen that one! I'll have to see if I can find it. Sounds hilarious.

(Deleted comment)
My stomach hurts. I'm not lying. GEEZ, people are kinda awesome sometimes.

That is the best! OMG. And changing in the middle of sentences, too. I love this.

I can't even do one voice. This guy can apparently do all of them. Dayum! Clooney might be my favorite. I'm not sure.

Sign outside of camping store: "Now is the discount of our winter tents".

It's pretty ridiculous how much that made me laugh. Word funnies are on my top five list of favorite funnies. Possibly on my top one list of favorite funnies!

(Deleted comment)
*sobs with laughter*

"shave my privet area"


I just . . . really need the stupid ray to show up sometimes.

In other news, S just discovered that there is a Hunger Games mod for Minecraft. I have officially seen it all.

(Deleted comment)

I can't even begin to parse the levels of wrong there, but honestly? My favorite part is that it pays $14-$16 an hour. I just. Whut?

(Deleted comment)
I thought collapsing the elite power structure would pay at minimum of $25 an hour. Seriously.

That was all kinds of awesome! I love listening to stuff like this. I can't even do a different accent let alone different voices. Woody Allen brilliant! The only one I questioned was Craig Ferguson since he has a very broad Scottish Accent, and his "impression" was not Scottish at all, but that was me being picky I guess. lol
On the whole, though, that was frikkin awesome, oh did I say that already?
Well it was!

Isn't it hilarious? I agree that not every single voice was perfect, but given that like you, I can't even do a single proper accent, I don't feel I can afford to be picky. The George Bush alone would have made me happy, LOL. Amazing.

Yeah that was awesome too, and the George Clooney one! Ha and the Morgan Freeman and since I am a huge fan of his "voice" alone I thought that was amazing.

My fella and I was having a discussion the other day, as we sometimes do, and I asked him his top five celebrity voices - say if they were to read out the phone book to you...
Between us we narrowed it down to - in no particular order
Morgan Freeman
Richard Dreyfuss
John Cussack
Kiefer Sutherland
and James Earl Jones

Edited at 2012-05-20 12:45 pm (UTC)

Well I love all those voices, but they're all dudes! I also love a lot of female voices. Sigourney Weaver, Mary McDonnell, Susan Sarandon, Emma Thompson, etc. And or all of them and the people you listed could read the phone book to me anytime.

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