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This is super cool.
Hearts Colorful
I blatantly stole this from slumber, because it's too awesome not to. I know this is two posts in one day, but stuff like this fascinates me in terms of psychology. As in, I wonder how differently I come across on LJ than I do in real life? I have friends here from both.

So, could you guys take a minute and fill out my Johari window?

Thanks in advance if you do!

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I wanted to pick a lot more adjectives. It was hard! I love you.

Also, this is really cool.

Isn't it kind of nifty? I mean not in a like, please compliment me kind of way at all, but I'm always wildly curious about how differently I come off here as opposed to in RL. You know both, so.

But we only picked two of the same words. I am le amused by the fact that the four people who have done it so far have all chosen "intelligent" and I didn't. Also "friendly" is popular. It's FUNNY and weird and just interesting to me.


You should do it but you'd never put it on LJ. :P

You are so right, in that I was not considering putting this up, but I took your :-P as a challenge.

Therefore, http://kevan.org/johari?name=adrenalin211

So few are going to fill it out because I have like 9 LJ friends, but I like this concept a lot.

No one knows me! I'd be better off doing this on facebook. But hell would freeze over before that would happen, so.

ETA: I think you're friendly. It's hard to rank the adjectives.

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You're going to have such a skewed one because you won't even put it in your journal. I should ETA mine and tell people do do yours too. Hee. I will.

I shall go fill yours out now:)

God, FB oh hell no.

Ahahaha. Did you edit your el jay for me, and then unedit it?

I'm sorry.

I was like... I will post something that is not a fic. I WILL!

No, I refreshed and you had already put it up. I'm totally impressed. Plus, I got THREE of yours and you only got TWO of mine.

Which means something but I don't know what. Probably that I think I'm a lot of shit I'm not, LULZ.

eta: I mean apparently I am the only person who thinks I am idealistic, introverted, or silly!

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I think you are the things you picked! All of them. It's just hard to decide which comes first.

Agreed. It absolutely is.

Also, wow I will never not love that icon.

I mean. Maybe I'm the only person who thinks I'm patient, adaptable, and trustworthy.

With the exception of people who know me outside of LJ, I'm pretty sure there's not much to go off of.

I totally think you are all those things, absolutely. But yeah the results may be skewed for this versus if you like idk. Gave it to all your cousins, LOL.

My LJ friends know me better than any of my cousins, so.

Hee. Word.

It'd be funny to know what my cousins think. That has to be a skewed perception too!

(Deleted comment)
Yes! That's exactly what it means. :)


It will restore the balance of the universe.

I tried to fill it in, though I'm not 100% sure it worked on my phone. Will try again when I get home. Its a brilliant idea. I might give it a go. I know I don't know you in RL but I figured I'd answer the survey from a "newbie" friends perspective.

I don't think it worked, but no worries at all. I certainly don't want people to feel compelled or anything. Just a curiosity of mine. And yes, absolutely as a newbie friend you'd have a different perspective no doubt!

Managed to do it. It was super hard, but I picked the words that I thought fit you in the short time I've known you. :)

I'd like to make my own Johari Window, but I'm afraid!

Hee, why? You should totally do it! I think it's hilarious to see how you see yourself vs. how others see you. I mean, because we all like to think of ourselves certain ways, right? It's just a nifty concept.

Hee, I'll go fill it out!

Thanks! Logical and Sensibleness are two of my favorite qualities in other people!

I am way more flattered than I should be that I got so many "intelligent"s. Definitely not one of the top things I'd have chosen for myself out of those words! But also, I mean it's rough. Because for any given person, I'd probably consider them a lot more than five or six of those words, and that includes myself. But it's fun to play with.

I find it both hilarious and encouraging that I've just been described as "relaxed".


That's how I felt about "organised."

(Deleted comment)

I will certainly say that plenty of impressively stupid people have their Ph.D.s. As for me, I'm all the way there save a dissertation, but that's a big "save." LOL.

Filled out for you. :) Will you fill out mine?

I just did it. Thank you! This is so much fun.

Hah, this is so NEAT. I just did yours, now I'm running over to A's and M's to fill out theirs.

Isn't it kinda of nifty? Just a weird window into my own perceptions vs. the perceptions of others. COOLNESS.

Are you gonna do it?


(Oh my god, I seriously just typed that without a shred of irony. This is like the time I legit asked you, via Twitter, when the hell Suite Life Zack and Cody got a boat!)

I am a little terrified to do it! My own perception is so skewed, man. I have no idea if I'm halfway all right with self-assessment or completely off the mark. (But I am weak, and making a lot of side-eyes at the "create your own" button, oh yes I am.)

Still lulzing forever about Zack and Cody and their boat;) Ah, kids!

I gotta go do yours! I mean yes, oh perspective, how skewed are you? Pretty skewed, probably. My main problem with this thing is what I've said elsewhere, in that it limits adjectives. So I would describe most people with a ton of these, but you can only choose five or six! Silly.

Off to do yours!

Apparently Zach and Cody go to NYU now, and one of my friends who goes there says that he's seen them a couple times and they always look angry. LOL.

WHAT? That is 100% hilarious. I swear that freakin' show. Ergh. Not what one needs (either of them) before coffee on a Saturday morning. Thank goodness there's soccer now;)

I love these! I've always found them so interesting (although frustrating because I'll want to pick more than six! haha) One time I think I filled it out twice for someone because I didn't want to be so limited. XD

Yeah, the six thing is CRAZY. Because of course I would use at least 15 of these adjective to describe most people, if not more! Yikes. But it forces you to make decisions I guess. LOL. It's just cool.

Finally managed it. Wow, that was hard. So many to pick from

It's so hard! Like, there are just too many words. But thanks for doing it!

Manual Johari window: articulate, balanced, determined, loving (i know that's one of the words they offer but I'm putting it here because I didn't put it when I picked before), thoughtful, understanding

Aw, you're adorable, seriously:) ♥

Also, I'm laughing so much at "Manual Johari window." See, if you had one I'd absolutely put "creative!" *snugs you*

(Deleted comment)
I was going to put silly, I really was, but I ran out of words. But that Jack and Renee storyboard with the lion was DEFINITELY silly.

Silly! I am the silliest! Although the "Renee, take off zee-bra," was all Adrienne. She's just silly AND funny.

I'm giggling though, because you did the test as me. So it sounds as if I think I'm all those things, hee.

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