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Was it good for you, too?
Annie as Angel
Apparently, I will find posting this el jay as good as having sex.

It's a rainy Monday and I have a billion boring domestic things to do, so I would love some thought distraction while I work on that. Thus, stolen from lowriseflare:

Leave me a character/pairing for one of the fandoms I write in (or that you think I should), throw in a prompt, and I'll write you some sentences.

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Jack and Renee, something to do with a boat, possibly swimming, and possibly a dock off of which you can practice diving. MAYBE THEY ARE SHOWING TERI HOW TO DIVE, because she's a little waterbug. And also then there's a boat and some sunset.

Wtf? I'm supposed to write all that in "some sentences?"

Bwah. Well, we shall see what I can do. Hee.


Okay okay take 2, because that former prompt failed at brevity.

Jack/Renee, freezing cold.

Hee. Well I didn't say I wouldn't try to write it. But I'm gonna do the short ones first, okay? And then maybe that one later if I have some time to do a tiny bit of planning during my domestic boringness:)

This one is easier to handle in "some sentences." You're a rockstar.

Wow, that article is so interesting. More thoughts (if I remember) coming later when my brai isn't all fuzzy, but, prompts:

• Finnick/Annie, hope (hey, "or that you think I should" is included in the meme instructions :P)

• Jack/Renee, aurora borealis

Totally included in the instructions! Quick canon thing because I know you'll know and I don't. What's the situation exactly when Finnick and Annie wind up together after the fucked up Quarter Quell. Like, just give me the setting, because I don't remember specifically how they were reunited, blah blah blah. I'm more than happy to try a few sentences, but I hate violating canon.

God, I have so many issues after last night's rewatch that my own icons are making me flail. I fail.




(Deleted comment)
Jack/Renee, badminton (because of the comment cybertoothtiger made about the pattern at the bottom of this icon about it looking like a badminton net, haha)

Hehe, okay. And it does look like a badminton net, doesn't it? Also, am I the only person bothered by the presence of the N in that word? Like, do you know anyone who says it that way? When I say it, it comes out "badmitten."

You're such a DORK.

God, most of these wound up about sex anyway!

I fail.

(Deleted comment)
OMG. Have you seen this?!?

Epic Tea Time with Alan Rickman. It's way slow motion, but it's hilarious. A good waste of 6+ minutes, if you have it. Just drink the damn tea, Alan!


Also, Katniss/Gale: the one where they totally tried to make out and discovered they were better as friends (before the first book).

OMG, that is hilarious and awesome. Drinking tea should never look that sexy.


Also, you guys what are all these THG prompts? LOL. I read these books all in a week and the canon all mashes together in my head, so I'm bound to screw it up. But okay, a few sentences I can probably figure out if I go back and look a little. Hee!

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