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8x04 Pensive Renee promo
I'm doing the early S8 rewatch for 'research' (cue derisive laughter) purposes. AND HOLY SHIT, SHOULDN'T IT GET . . . NOT SO GOOD AT SOME POINT?

I can't even deal with how good Kiefer and Annie are. Sure, all the subplots suck and President Pompadour's hair is ten miles high and his entire family have different accents even though they're all supposed to be from Fakestan BUT I DON'T CARE.

Jack can't even TALK on the comm at the end of 8x05, because he's so spazzed that Renee wants Vlad to shoot her. GUH.

In other news, I am 100% thinking about buying 50 Shades of Grey just so I can speak about it with authority.

In other other news, I really should watch The Avengers, if only to pretend I'm one of the cool kids.

In other other other news, I'm still compiling a fic playlist and always open for recs:)

Happy Mother's Day!

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Jack can't even TALK on the comm at the end of 8x05, because he's so spazzed that Renee wants Vlad to shoot her. GUH.
GAH, that scene. <3

In other other news, I really should watch The Avengers, if only to pretend I'm one of the cool kids.
Same here, haha. Everyone seems to be spiraling with feelings explosions. :P

You know what made me think of you? The book I just read, Divergent (by Veronica Roth), had some bonus features at the end, and one of them was a playlist that she had that went with the book. I thought that was really awesome. :D

Happy Mother's Day to you, too! Hope yours was wonderful ♥

THAT SCENE, OMG. The entire thing. I want to smack myself upside the head that it still fucking gets me every time (granted, it's been a while this time), but holy hell. I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH CAPSLOCK FLAIL.

Yes, wow, everyone everywhere is going off about The Avengers, and with my Joss Whedon love I feel as if probably I should see it. Still, with my spectacular lack of motivation to visit my local cinema, I will most likely wait for its arrival on Netflix:)

Would your recommend Divergent? I mean I know you said you liked it but I remember cybertoothtiger saying that it was pretty rough to read. Thoughts? In any case, that is AWESOME that she had a playlist. I believe it it like a mofo.

Have a wonderful Monday! ♥

I would definitely recommend Divergent! It was tough to read at a few points (although some of it was because it hit me on a personal level) but I don't feel like, for me, it was darker than the Hunger Games- I think they're kind of similar in the amount of darkness but on different levels? idk. But I really recommend it! It's actually a trilogy, as well, but I haven't gotten the next book, Insurgent, yet (apparently it just came out)- I'm hoping to get it sometime over the next week or two.

Okay, cool! I'll definitely put it on my list of books to check out. I wonder if they'd have it at the library yet. *ponders*

I hear the Avengers is amazing. I had no interest in it but now I definitely am intrigued.

Well I honestly don't give two shits about superheroes. I know that's weird given my love of epicness, but there is not a single superhero I love. At all.

However, JOSS WHEDON. I just have so many feelings about him as a human being and a creative personality. So as I was just saying to Cinna, I do think I'll check this out when it arrives on Netflix.

Let me know if you go! I'd love to hear your opinion.

Nice icon;)

Unfortunately, I don't even think I have time to go and it's one of those movies I feel I'd like a lot better if I saw it in theaters (because I can't watch movies at home and because I feel it would be so much better on a larger screen.) If I do have time though and see it, I will definitely let you know!

24 S8 is a master class in How To Kick Ass When Given Absolutely Terrible Scripts And/Or Wholesale Character Derailment, taught by Cherry Jones, Kiefer Sutherland, and Annie Wersching.

(In other news, there is this tribute on YouTube to Allison Taylor that just breaks. my. fucking. heart. I will never forgive HoGo for what he did to my lady, or to Jack and Renee. Never.)

24 S8 is a master class in How To Kick Ass When Given Absolutely Terrible Scripts And/Or Wholesale Character Derailment, taught by Cherry Jones, Kiefer Sutherland, and Annie Wersching.

YES, EXACTLY. I want to hate it with all my heart, but I am just not that strong, clearly. Woe.

I have no plans to forgive HoGo ever. I'm never watching another one of his shows unless it stars Kiefer and Annie. LOL. Then again, my weakness would clearly win.

Oh I heard a beautiful song the other day, though since I don't know what kind of music rocks your boat, I can only suggest it.
It's called Open Your Eyes, by Andrew Belle.

Another one - Everywhere I go, by Lissie.

Can't believe your gonna get that book.
Please, please don't write in your next blog that you're actually enjoying it. LOL.

I'm watching my DVD's for the commentary and deleted scenes right now, hoping to get some insight lol.
And Kiefer's voice is just beautiful to listen to throughout episode 4 on Disc 1 of season 5. GUH!

Thanks so much for the music recs -- I will check them out.

I'm somewhat omnivorous when it comes to music, although I do more or less opt out of hardcore country, anything too metal, and bitchez and hos rap. Aside from that, I like some of everything.

Well my friend K just told me maybe I can DL the pdf without buying it, which would be a much preferred option for me;)

I have never listened to any of the commentary on early seasons! Just S7 and S8. I fail as a fan.

Music is one thing that has been a part of my life and probably shaped who I am today. I am far from being a great musician myself. My parents couldnt afford lessons when I was young and I was never good at teaching myself to do anything - but when I listen to music, it takes me to this whole other dimension in my head.
Like you, I am not a big fan of country... at least the Dolly Parton kind of stuff - Irish Folk music, what often is confused with Country is totally fine though.
I also love rock and pop... though Slip Knot rock is not hot (Im a poet lol)
And I hate cheesy pop - Paula Abdul's Opposite Attract from the early nineties is frikin cheesy!

Other than that I will listen to practically anything...
I love recs... often recs I find come from soundtracks or celebrities I like posting stuff on their twitter.

It's also how I became a huge fan of Rocco Deluca because of Kiefer Sutherland's Ironworks label!

That I find incredibly cool!

They came to England, but only to London so I didn't get to see them live. However, I immensely enjoyed the music on the DVD movie so much that it created a fan out of me!

As for the commentary. I only listened to Kiefer's and Mary Ann's (not together unfortunately)
I find her very amusing to listen to, she has a wicked ironic sense of humor.
I haven't been able to get past season 5 yet because I had to go to bed, but will look at it more in the morning after work :)

See ya on the flip side :)

I personally did not like Avengers because it is a loud, bloated mess. That may just be me being jumpy. I am staring to weary of the Superhero genre is general.

What do you mean by "bloated?" Obviously I understand the definition of that term, but how were you seeing that play out in the movie?

I don't really care about superheroes. They always have angst I don't get. LOL.

By bloated I mean overly long and in need of editing, one of those huge everything-including-the kitchen sink films. A two-big budget tends to do that. IMO, this is why some of the most well-written films are super low budget. YMMV.

Huh, interesting! Everybody is so dang enthusiastic about it.

I'm not sure I have an opinion about low vs. high budget movies. I tend to like both, depending on a lot of factors. And the thing with low budget movies is that they can be ludicrous and painfully arty. I do adore some of them though.

They can be! Expensive films can be painfully arty too. I'm looking at you, Melancholia.

I heard that if you google 50 Shades, the PDF comes right up? So you don't even have to spend your hard-earned dollars on it.

Tell me about your big bang!

Seriously? There's a PDF online and this is a bestselling book? What what what?

Well, I finally have the big bang plot down, save a few details that I will have to work out later. But for the most part, I know the beginning, the middle, and the end, which is a great start to a story, right?

Mostly it's just about Renee actually trying to deal with being raped by gross Vlad, which they never dealt with on the damn show.

Now if only it can be half as cool typed out as it is in my head. That's such a big if.

Prompt me with something goofy in the other post! So I can write three goofy sentences.


I don't even have anything else coherent to say. I'm still not over it -_-

I feel like I need to see the Avengers too. And read that. I only read Twilight so I could be informed when I made fun of it, I kind of feel like I need to do the same.

GAH, I am apparently never getting over it at all. It's like I love it more each time I watch, which seems so illogical, and yet!

Bwheeee, I did read something like 50 or 60 pages of Twatlight (as I affectionately refer to it), so I feel mostly as if I have the right to make fun of it:)

nghh your icon. Now I want to rewatch. DAMN YOU.


How about this?


GREAT I just spent the last hour flipping through scenes. *grumble* Not the worst way to spend a Monday morning...

Totally worse ways! I'm telling myself it's all for "research" purposes since I'm doing het_bigbang again this year. LOL. Have another .gif!


sorry to interrupt, but I found statement amusing - every time you watch it, you like it more.
The reason why is because I was thinking that exact same thing.
Even to the point where I jump from that scene to where he tells her "It was meant how it sounded"
Then arriving at last on the big epic kiss *guh*

Yep, there are certain scenes that I have memorized down to every single body movement, which you know, I should be embarrassed about admitting in an unlocked el jay, but whatevs. Everybody knows this about me anyway, LOL.

I mean. Like. This!


Yeah, thats the exact scene I was describing to my friend on my journal haha!

Instead of ~reading 50 Shades of Grey, I think I would be more interested comparing it to the fanfic it was based on. Of course that would mean reading Twilight fanfic, but still...

I take your point, but I think it depends on your goal. What I'm interested in is this book that women are both reading, and more importantly, talking about. There was a huge thread in lowriseflare's journal the other day about the consequences of this bizarre mainstreaming of fanfic discussion, both the positives and the negatives. So I kind of want to read the version that people are actually getting.

Plus, lord I am terrified of ff.net. I cannot lie. Just going there gives me hives.

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