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Glugh, I did it.
8x07 Jack touching Renee's hair
I signed up for het_bigbang.

I'm still sorting through like five (and I only say five because I picked that number out of a hat) different plot tracks, but I do at least have the mood/theme/setting down in my brain, so that's something. I guess we'll see if I can actually pull it off with RL yanking on me from so many directions.

I realize that this isn't the kind of thing most of you do, but it's a hell of a lot of fun. I mean, there's a 10k option this year:) And if you don't want to do it but know a good place to pimp the community, go for it!

Gah, plane again tomorrow. Wow I hate flying. *breathes*

I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

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Yay! Keeping my fingers crossed that things will work out for you to get this done- both in terms of plots/inspiration and in terms of RL not preventing you from writing. *hugs*

And sending you tons of good thoughts and stress-relieving energy for your flight back tomorrow! ♥

Omg dolphins! I'm replying from my iPod if it's all screwed up. Lol. Thanks so much for all the encouragement! You should def check out what comes of the bang because I know there will be a ton of THG stuff there. No doubt. I'm just hoping I can make the idea in my head work on paper:)

So are you doing the Little Bang? 10k is still a lot.

10k is a lot but a big bang is never happening this year! I'm not even at all sure I'll get this done but I'd like to try because it's an idea I've been kicking around for a while. Ideally it will wind up between 12 and 15k. That feels about right for what's percolating in my brain. Do you see this on Fringe forums? The more people who know about it the better!

As much as I love Fringe I do not feel compelled to read or write in that fandom. Yet I am happy that Fringe *has* a fandom.

LOL, no I realize that you don't wish to read or write Fringe fic. I was inquiring as to whether people seem to know about het_bigbang on the Fringe comms. It's so much more fun when more people participate.

(Deleted comment)
Oh good! That's what I was wondering -- whether this was getting out to a lot of other comms and stuff. I forgot that she does indeed watch Fringe, so that makes sense, totally.

And yay, you're gonna write! That's awesome. I found this whole thing so much fun (if exhausting) last year, and the little bang will be even easier, in theory. If I can find a plot. LOL.


That is my reaction to you signing up for the big bang.


Well dude, don't keymash until there's some actual writing done. But you know what I need to get doing double time? Coming up with a mix for this. You know me and music, and how I must have fic soundtracks (ZOMG, MY LONDON SOUNDTRACK, I LOVE IT SO HARD I CAN'T STAND IT OR MYSELF). So if you have song suggestions for the new fic soundtrack, hit me baby one more time.

To channel Britney.

Also, YOU should write along with me. You should write me something epic and smushy.

I will send you some songs! I have some new songs I want to send you anyway. When I have two secs, I'll find out which ones feel/sound/lyrically represent or embody Jack and Renee and their wonderful and growing love for each other.

Well that's why I need to talk to you. About the little bang. I don't want to sign up without an idea. But I don't want to write 40k again of something I wasn't that into. HAHAHAHA.

See me trying to respond on my iPod. It's pretty funny because I fail so hard at qwerty when I have to look at it. In any case you should absolutely do a small bang! That's what she said. Heh. And why do you need an idea aside from Jack and Renee are awesome and in love? Oh wait. That's a bad idea. Well we can totally talk. Also with respect to your other comment of course there's sex. Hello? Have you met me? But I do have to give it thought because by virtue of going a route in which they did not have psychologically ridiculous and yet highly canonical sheet-scorching sex, I give myself the burden of making the sex at least halfway realistic. Woe!

Okay. Phew. As long as there's sex. Sensitive sex? Even better!

I DO need an idea, because of reasons. I dont' want to write something I'm not that into again. This way when you and I are the only people who read it, I will at least have been having fun in the process! Bwah.

I don't regret the last bang, because I wanted to see how to do something plotty and I did, but I want this time to be different.


ILU. I cannot wait to listen to this stuff. I'm gonna flip my shit because I'm at my parents' and can't DL it right nao. WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH.

My face is Renee's face!

You can probably hit "play" in gmail, no?

I'm sorry I tempted your ears before you're officially home.

ILU2. No sad face!

ETA: Also, OF COURSE I sent you music already. You know how much I want you to write this, RIGHT?

Edited at 2012-05-06 10:53 pm (UTC)

OMG, I'm like, flailing so badly. And because I'm me, I want to make the entire playlist like TONIGHT, and I so can't, because well, because of reasons. Yep. And also because it never works like that. It requires honing and refining and all that good shit.

Anyway. This is an amazing beginning to it, in any case, what I've heard so far. And I cannot wait to hear the rest:)

Yay! **does happy dance**

You even have an icon! I need to go get one. Maybe that will be my prize if I come up with an actual legit plot;) Oh, and I gotta go join het_banghelp!

Edited at 2012-05-05 11:26 pm (UTC)

Good luck with the plane today! I'll be breathing deeply for you.

I was thinking about the mini-bang. I have a plot bunny for BN that's nibbling around, but I don't know if it's Energizer enough for 10K. Plus, I think the new season starts in June, so that may complicate things as I don't know if we'll get it right away. I could keep it all in the past though. *ponders*

I lived! I mean so far. Still have to drive back to MD tomorrow, but at least the plane went very smoothly. And I'm super glad, because S was so nervous about it (not because of me -- I never say a word about my own issues) and now he thinks it's fun. So that's a total win.

You should absolutely write BN fic! And psh, 10k is nothing! That's like, 500 words a day for not even three weeks, giving you metric fucktons of time to edit if you don't like what you wound up with in the first place. Seriously. Join up! Join in! I would love to have you be a part of this. I'm smiling just thinking about it:)

Yay! You lived! And it's so great that you can hide your issues from S. I am so supportive of that, and a little bit in awe.

Aw, you're so sweet! The thing is, I don't know if I could live with a fic for that long. By the time the summer rolls around, I would probably be thoroughly sick of it. Or maybe I'm just afraid of the editing? It would be a good exercise, though, to really work on something for that long. My hero in interpretive writing does NanoRoMo, or whatever it is. (I don't think that's right, but somehow it seems like sooooo much work to open a new window and Google. See how the Internet has made me lazy? Lazier, I should say.)

I did manage to find some good writers in the BN fandom. I've been mainlining them on my phone, which is odd and weirdly addictive. Fic! Any time, any place! But it means that I might actually be able to get a beta that I trust. I mean, I would ask you, but I would also need help with the canon. Maybe you could help me with style and grammar and all that good stuff, and someone else could help with canon? I don't even know.

Okay, now I have to go and cut serious wordage out of this exhibit. It seems I have no problem writing a lot, it's making sure it's not padding that's the hard part. 10K of quality work could be an issue!

Don't be in awe, for serious. I just can't deal with the idea of making my kid afraid of something for no specific good reason, so I do what I can to prevent that. I'm a neurotic enough mother as it is, believe me. Oy.

As to fic stuff, I find myself in an odd position here. I would love to have you as part of the het_bigbang event, because seriously it is just a blast and so many fun people do it. However, it is a great deal of living with a fic (although obviously less so at 10k than 25k+). I'm not sure if I'll even manage it, but at this point my plan is to do a lot less writing and a lot more editing, so that it turns into a totally different experience than it was last year. We'll see how that works out. I mean, damn. There was so much padding in last year's bb that I wrote. So much. But I'm still proud of that story because given all the constraints I was working under, I still did it.

/rant about writing.

Oh! But of course I'd be happy to help with grammar/word choice stuff. I'd be honored! I would obviously be of absolutely zero help with canon.

realised I hadn't replied to this and you have no idea how much this excites me... a new fic... because I believe I have in fact read all your old ones now... and feel I don't know what to do with myself. Bit like how I felt when I'd come to the end of watching 24.
Still struggling to write my own, so I need people like you to keep me going and inspired!

Well, yikes. Don't get too excited please, because so far all I have is an idea, a general goal, a mood (which is important to me), and the start of an excellent playlist. But I'm hoping that can turn into a respectable fic by the deadline, definitely!

What are you trying to write at this point?

The mood is always important.

Me, I'm struggling with the same fic I started the other week, ended up re writing most of what I'd already written.
I'm not sure if I should dump it, or go on to something else, but the fact it keeps playing on my mind makes think I should write it.
On the other hand, after the end scene, I can't picture it going any further.
That's the most frustrating thing about it.
Dunno why mind head has stuck on season three when there's so much more to use from seasons 7 + 8.

I think your head gets stuck where it gets stuck -- there's never any rhyme or reason to it for me! Also, 24 just has so many narrative gaps that it's easy to find places to take off almost anywhere. I wouldn't worry. Sometimes it helps just to write it down, no matter what you think about the quality of the product, and then decide what you want to do about it.

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